Thursday, December 13, 2012

Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.

Hi Ya'll!

I teased a few of my recent Pinterest projects on Instagram this weekend and now I'm ready to link up for Saw It. Pinned It. Did It. with Beautiful Mess and Keep Calm and Carry On. 

I found this pin this summer, actually, but I am just now writing about it.  It's the simplest dog shampoo and IT WORKS!  It's just Dawn and Vinegar mixed together.  I think just Dawn works too, but maybe there's something special about the vinegar, too?  I don't know.  I just follow directions.  

It works to kill fleas.  I used it on Sadie Mae this summer and she had a few fleas on her from being outside and those suckers (ha, no pun intended) were running to the top of her head trying to get away and then dropped dead.  Is it weird that this thrilled me?  I hate fleas.  I give my dogs flea medicine every month but inevitably they end up with a few on them when they come inside during the summer.  Gotta love HOT as HELL Texas summers.  Try it.  You will love it.  I just  mixed up a big bottle to keep under the kitchen cabinet.

 Sadie Mae looks thrilled, doesn't she?
She gets so frisky after a bath. 
It cracks me up because she is usually super calm.

Next up...hanging all your tall boots.  Genius, no? 
I had The Fiance hang a closet rod down low and bought some baby pant hangers and thought this would be perfect.  Look how nice this girls boots look.  

Then there's my version. 
A couple of things.  The rod needed to be hung higher.  Our house was built in 1964, before they realized women needed a huge closet of. her. own.  My closet is teensy tiny and I have very little storage space for shoes, hence the shoe organizer thing that hangs down in the way. The Fiance hung the rod as high as he could.  So my boots don't quite "hang".  But all in all, it looks much nicer than all my boots piled on top of each other.  Side note: I desperately need a new camera and a new phone.  This picture is crap.
Maybe if I removed the shoe rail (seriously 1964 closets, you suck) they would "hang".
"HONEY......"  haha...let's be honest, it won't be ME removing that rail!

I have been wanting to try this next Pin for a long time!  It's actually like at the very bottom of my "DIY" board on you see, a LONG time! 
On Saturday The Fiance cleaned the entire kitchen and said "will you just clean out the microwave, it's really gross!"  I said "YES, I actually  have something I've been wanting to try!" 

Here's what you do.  Pour some water and vinegar in a microwave safe bowl.  Hit 5 minutes on the microwave.  Go bathe your dog or make a cocktail...or both.  Dog bathing usually makes me need a cocktail.  

 I used a small glass bowl and cheapo vinegar.

 Ew, see how nasty our microwave was? 
This is completely The Fiance's fault. 
I always cover my stuff.

 I waited about 2 minutes after the timer went off and carefully opened the door.
See, the way this works is it creates a steam and "steams" off all that stuck on food.
Use an oven mitt to remove the bowl b/c it's HOT!
I grabbed a sponge I use for dishes and all that nasty food just wiped right off.
No scrubbing.
Ok.  I may have scrubbed one or two stubborn areas but really, it came clean in seconds!
If you've ever tried to clean a microwave that has a lot of nasty stuck on food, you will be in. love. with this.

Whaa-laaa...before and after. 

Me after I successfully complete a Pinterest project and don't F it up 5 times.

Enjoy...The Curvy Life.


Lauren said...

Ooooh I gotta try the boot thing! Such a great idea!!

I love Kip at the bottom of the post! I don't know if it has sound or not since my speakers are off but I can totally hear him anyway! :)


Mrs. Rags said...


Brandy Black said...

I did that boot thing too and it saved so much space and they are easy to get to! I really need to try the dog shampoo!!

kilipohi said...

Great work! I will have to try the mircowave thing the next time something is blown up in my microwave.

And Kip!!!

Katie said...

haahahh the last picture cracks me up! I love everything that you tried!

thanks for linking up! :)

Anonymous said...

Just found two fleas on my doggy. Must try that flea remedy maƱana! Thanks!