Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday's Threads + Gifs That Explain It All

Hi Ya'll!

Happy Tuesday!

I only have one outfit to share today.  I am failing at this pretty miserably!

Cardigan-Old Navy, Tank-TJ Max, Necklace-Sam Moon, Pants, Ross

Now...on to some funny stuffs....

I started Couch to 5K yesterday, FINALLY.  You can see my excuses below.

Me and my friends last week after I decided to drink rather than start Couch to 5K
Here were my excuses:
It's weird to start anything on a Wednesday
I didn't have groceries so I couldn't start a diet
We were having friends over for fried deer meat on Saturday
All valid but not valid excuses

Me after a few glasses of wine.
Who cares about working out.  I'm a princess!

Me the next morning on my way to work.
I am so not a princess.  Princesses don't have to work.

You would never hear me utter those words.
Because all I can do in Yoga is toot at an unexpected time.

Me when someone tells me "I love to workout!"

 Me on just about any Sunday.
I can't get up to pee but you say breakfast and I'm doing jumping jacks.

Me when I'm at the gym working out with all those skinny bitches girls.
Great form, no?

Me when I try to do any of those fancy workout videos.
How I was ever in drill team or a cheerleader I'll never know.
I can barely walk without falling.

How I walk when I'm at the grocery store in my work out clothes and have ACTUALLY worked out.

Enjoy...The Curvy Life.

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Helene said...

hahahahahaha love this post. I feel you on that. I am BAD about making excuses. but especially love this. funny funny