Thursday, December 20, 2012

You See, The Trouble Is...

Hi Ya'll...

The weekend is near...I can see it! 

I can also see the bazillion Christmas celebrations we have this weekend and I'm so excited.  My Grinch The Fiance...he is a little less thrilled but still excited about hanging out w/ fam.

Today's post is going to be me complaining explaining a few things I find troubling.

1) Texas Weather. 

I think Texas is going through an identity crisis, for real this year.  It's acting all tropical and shit.  Get it together.  It's December. Can we at least stay in the 60's?

2) Wearing a coat while driving.

I get in the car, I'm freezing.  The sun hits me, I'm hot. 
I can't really manage to move my body because the coat is so bulky.
It's one of those whole body moves. 
It's just a mess.

I feel how I imagine this monkey feels in a huge coat. 
You know he had trouble turning his head or driving a car.

3) The world ending.
First off, I'm not really worried about that.
What I AM worried about is the crazies that are.
I work for a a do you say this...GHETTO area.  Lots of homeless peeps running around.  I just really hope they all get their drugs/40 oz and stay calm tomorrow.

 Fo realz....Christmas is coming!!
Or this will be me.
Or I'll be hiding under my desk. 
Yeah, probably hiding under my desk.

UPDATE:  It's the 21st in Australia...
I have some friends there. 
They're still kicking. 
Things are looking good.

4) Christmas is only a few days away and I haven't baked once.
I have a Kitchen Aid mixer that is pissed off right now.
Also a lot of co-workers that are wondering where their tins of goodies are.
It's not going to happen,  ya'll...where did December go?

5) I have to work all next week. 
So Wednesday should be really fun at work after having a couple of bottles glasses of wine.

It's really not.

6) This book.

Is this real?
I bet they sell it at the Wal-Mart by my office, if so.

7) My new found love for GIFS.
Yes, I know, they're like so 2009 but I just discovered them. 
They make so many circumstances funnier.
Britt Britt gifs are my fav.

Enjoy...The Curvy Life.


Alicia Curley said...

Aw, I love BrittBritt gifs! We are awaiting storm Draco here in Michigan. Hopefully Draco doesn't do too much to mess with Texas!

Esther Davison said...

Dear Heather, I work in a bank too and its downtown. Very close to the homeless shelter. The homeless guys love me. Especially the crazy guys! I found a new job though and my last day is in less than two weeks! I'm so excited to not have to talk to homeless people any more! Esther Norine Designs