Monday, September 3, 2012

Project Pinterest

Hi ya'll!  Happy Labor Day!  I hope everyone has spent their day doing anything but labor! I just folded a little laundry but other than that, I've been labor free!  I hate laundry!  I'm this person...

I post is not about laundry! It's about Pinterest and a couple of projects I finally  got around to actually doing...not just pinning!  Who loves organization?  I DO!   I think one of the main things I love about organization is shopping for all the neat things to organize my crap!  I get giddy going into The Container Store or even down the isles at Wal-Mart with bins, shelves and other amazing things that could be used to organize.  But I usually just look and get overwhelmed because I have so many areas in my home that need to be cleaned out and organized that I walk away empty handed and still un-organized.  You see, I have a problem.  I'm a "stasher" as in I stash crap in the first available drawer to get the clutter out of the way.  All this results in is random crap stashed all over the house.  For example, you might find a lint roller in my china hutch with a few extra Christmas ornaments that didn't make it into their proper box last year. Who does that?  It's rather lazy.  GUILTY! While I had every intention to organize my entire house this weekend it just didn't happen.  I did, however, get my kitchen organized and my closet (somewhat) organized...I will be finishing the closet later...I didn't buy enough supplies for the other project.

SOOOO...After all my rambling are you ready to see what I did?  First I'll show you the Pinterest post where I got the idea, then I'll share my version! 

Project 1 - Organize my ridiculous amount of scarves.  You would think I live in Montana, not Texas with all the scarves I have.  I need help.

Above is the link to my Pinterest Inspiration

I had all my scarves stuffed into a basket and to be honest,
 I didn't even realize all the CUTE scarves I owned.  It was like Christmas! 
 I'm gonna be one stylin chick this fall!
I bought the cheapest shower curtain rings at Wal-Mart, like $1.97 for 12.  Thank God, I bought two sets because I used every. single. one. and needed more. :/  Scarf Intervention?  Yeah, I might need one.
Here's the glorious after! 
 I might eventually move them to two wooden hangers so the hanger doesn't "sag". 

Here's a little more "eye candy" for you on this one....

Project 2 - Organizing my baking supplies - mainly my measuring cups and spoons

Above is where I got my inspiration

All I needed was a box of these Command Hooks.  They were $8.88 a box.
  A little high but worth it for how easy it made this project!

Here is how I had them before.  It was a constant fight to find the one cup or spoon I needed!
Ahhhhhhh (Angels' Singing)...the After. 
I will admit, the first time I opened the door all the clanging scared the crap out of me...
but when I decided to make cookies last night it was glorious!

I had two more projects I attempted but didn't go so smoothly.  I'm going to need my Honey's help on them and we didn't make it to Lowe's today.  Soon I will have organized boots and cleaning supplies!  I'll show ya'll when I get done!

Who's motivated to get organized now?  Seriously, ya'll, this only took me 30 minutes to do both!  I also organized my spices and pantry but there's nothing fancy to show you.  It's just super pretty to look at now! 

I hope you enjoyed and as always...

Enjoy....The Curvy Life!