Friday, June 24, 2011

Home Sweet home...almost!

After months and months of looking at house, putting a bid on one, losing it and starting the search all over again we finally found the house!!  It could not be more perfect for us!  It is actually on the same street that I grew up on...a dream come true for me!  My Honey and I were actually driving one day and passed the street and I said "if a house on that street ever comes on the market, I want it!"  God definitely had His hand in this because the week after we found out that the "short...should be called LONG" sale was not going to work out the house went on the market and it was in the perfect price range for us!!  I was so excited I was shaking when I emailed my realtor about it.  My Honey, on the other hand wasn't too keen on the idea of buying a house that was built in 1964.  He has lived in several old homes and had bad experiences.  I was crushed but he agreed to go look at it anyways.  Once again, God knew what He was doing...My Honey fell more in love with the house than I did, you see, I was a little concerned over the no walk in closets and the w/d being in the garage.  But I just had a feeling that it was the one!  I dreamt about it that night and we went to look at it again with my mom and dad.  We were all in love!  We made an offer that day and they accepted a few days later.  We close on July 14!  We (actually just me) have a few things to do before we move in...a fresh coat of paint on the walls and cabinets and other little things but for the most part it's move in ready.  OH, except for the bathroom that has a baby blue toilet and royal blue tiles half way up the wall....but hey, who doesn't love a good DIY home project??  I know I'm excited!  Here are a few pictures of the home now. 

We love the huge trees!!  You don't get that with a new home!

This will be our TV/Media room...we will eventually say goodbye to that oh so lovely plaid wallpaper!

This mantel alone could have sold me on the house!

Another view of that fabulous mantel and the living room.

Living room again!  Love the HUGE window!

We are getting a enormous backyard...and yes, that storage shed stays too! 

The back porch is huge and perfect for all the parties we are sure to have!! :)

View of the back porch from the yard.

In only a few short weeks this beautiful home will be all ours!  We couldn't be happier!  God's plans are the best...sometimes it's easy to get impatient but like so many great friends told me through this process..."Good things come to those who wait!"  And oh man, were they right!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

I have a BIG favor to ask....

Hey everyone!  Oh man...I've been a bad, bad blogger lately!  I apologize but I got in a little bit of a funk because things weren't going quite as planned in the house hunting department!!  But this has all turned around and we just finalized a contract on our first home...and what's even better is that it's on the street where I grew up...a very small, quiet street that holds SO many memories for me and my family!  God truly had his hand in all of this and knew exactly what he was doing....even when I was starting to wonder...It's an older house, built in 1964 so guess what that means...renovation time!!  Actually, the two previous owners have done a few renovations here and there so we're not taking on a huge project but there are a few things left to be the bathroom that has bright blue tile and a baby blue toilet...yeah, that has GOT TO GO!  So get ready...because I'll be blogging all the way through the fun renovations!!!

AND that favor...Please check out this link to my precious nephews newborn pics and leave a comment so that the new mommy and daddy can get some freebies!!!