About Me

Hi Ya'll!  Here's a little...or a lot...about me!

I love Jesus with all my heart and soul!

I have the most amazing parents.  EVER.

I don't love long walks on the beach...have you ever walked in sand?  It's a WORK-OUT!!!  No thanks!

My favorite actress is Claire Danes.  Has been since My So Called Life.

I don't have a favorite actor.

I don't like pulp in my OJ.

I don't have a favorite TV show.  I have SEVERAL and they change per season but are almost all hour long shows.

I hate diets.

I color my hair.  A lot!

I am scared of clowns and balloons and haunted houses and scary moves.  I'm a scardied cat, OK!

I curse, way too much!

I "believe" gays should have the same rights as everyone else.

My bff's are the most amazing gals in the whole. entire. world.  Don't try to beat me...you can't!

I drive a Kia and I'm not ashamed!  Best car!

When my fiance is in the room I give him control of the TV b/c it's easier than explaining what I am watching.

I say what I am thinking...no matter who is around.

My favorite beer is Miller Light.

My favorite wine is Chardonnay.

I like to drink.

I smoke when I drink. (Sorry, mom)

I hate cancer.

My favorite movie is Gone With the Wind.

I met my fiance in 6th grade.

My fiance is the only person that can tell me no and get away with it.

I am obsessed with history.

I live in the same town I grew up in.  It was small then, it's not anymore. 

As I write this, my fiance poured me a glass of white wine in a red wine glass.  I will not complain.  Wine is wine.

I love Scentsy and candles.

I have two dogs. Sadie Mae, our dachshund and Koopa, our lab.  Sadie is "mine" and Koopa is "his" but we have both adopted each other's fur babies.

I didn't graduate from college but I had the "college" years with my friends in college.

My favorite books...the Harry Potter series.  They take me to a "happy" place.

I love to decorate and I love DIY projects....even if they take me 2 months.

I love garage sales and my home is decorated almost entirely from garage sales, Hobby Lobby and DIY projects.

We don't have any kids, yet.  We hope to have two.  A boy and a girl.  God willing.

I would adopt, without a doubt.

I am southern to the core...maybe to a fault at times.

I love sweet tea.  Especially from Chick-Fil-A or Chicken Express.

I love music.  All kinds.  Literally, ALL kinds.

I am random.  As can be seen from my "About me". :)

I am marrying the love of my life on September 14, 2013.  You can read our love story here and the proposal story here.

I write this blog for many reasons.  Mainly because I like to talk about myself.  But also, I hope to find a kindred spirit that will maybe get inspiration, a good laugh, fashion ideas, a good recipe or wedding inspiration....or any other kind of inspiration.

Enjoy...The Curvy Life.

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Jerra C. Kullman said...

Hi! I was reading through your ABOUT ME section (while breaking from making your pom poms, thanks!) and I saw a few things that made me say "whew, someone else does too"... i, too, love jesus with all my heart and soul, while also "believing" gays should have equal rights. Many people think that being a christian and believing in gay rights can't go hand in hand! I'm glad someone else is in the same boat :) and i, too, drink/curse/and smoke when i drink ;) Good luck with the wedding, it's a day after my bday, and I will remember it LOL!