Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Well...I got MARRIED...A Year Ago

Hey y'all!  So it's been a quick minute...or year since I last posted!  I kind of lost touch with blogging and had other things going on...but with some fun changes coming in my life I decided I wanted to pick back up this 'ol blog as a journal of that when I get old I can look back and remember some of the highlights of my life!  :)

So, I have LOTS to tell you but first I'll start with my marriage...that took place a year ago on September 14, 2013.  I have been wanting to post pictures of my wedding for awhile but everytime I start I get overwhelmed because the photographer took SO many pictures that I can't really decide which ones to share!!  But I've chosen a few (haha, a TON) and so here we go....

We got married at 6:30, Saturday, September 14, 2013 at First Baptist Chruch in Terrell, Texas.  Terrell is a small town, just one town over from the town Stephen (My Hubby) and I both grew up in, Forney.  My parents are members and growing up Southern Baptist we knew that we wanted to seal our marriage in front of God in His house.  The church was beautiful and ceremony even more so!

Our wedding party was semi-small compared to some I have seen.  We kept it to the people that had been in our lives the longest and played the most important roles.

This is probably my favorite picture of the day!

My girls...from left to right
My sister in law (Stephen's sister) - Lindsay
Casey - my Best Friend
My Sister in Law and Best Friend (my bros wife) - Lesley
The Blushing Bride - Yours Truly
My Maid of Honor, Cousin and Best Friend - Jennifer
My best friend from 4th grade on - Meagan
I let each girl pick their own dress from a option of about 5 dresses.  They looked absolutely stunning!

Stephen's guys....from left to right
Best Man & Best Friend since 6th Grade - Ben
My brother - John Allen
The Groom - Stephen
The Groom's Father - Randy
The Groom's Cousin - Sean
The Groom's Uncle - Richard
Each and every one of these men have played an intricate part in making Stephen the wonderful man he is today and I love them all so dearly!

So happy to FINALLY be Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Adair!!!

Family means EVERYTHING to Stephen and I...and without these beautiful people this day would not habe been possible!!

My lovely Aunts  - my dad's 3 sisters.  Two flew in from Florida to be here for the big day and it meant to the world to me and my daddy!
 My family - Daddy, Momma, Lesley, JA and Zane

My beautiful, loving, inspiring Grandmother - Moner
 My momma and daddy - they're my rock!
 Stephen's absolutely amazing parents - Randy, Donna, His Momma-Janna and Randall

Stephen's family - there was a bit of mix up, that we can laugh about now..and half of the family headed to the reception before we got a big group picture!  But not to worry...we got one at the reception!! :)

Here we we have the whole clan...Stephen's amazing wonderful and supportive family who have made me feel like I was born into their family and I could not be more grateful!  

 Stephen's dad's side of the family who is so wonderful and loving.  I couldn't love them more if I tried.

OK...Now to the FUN part of the wedding...the reception!!
We had our reception at a place called Shadowridge Farms just outside of Terrell. Sadly, ours was one of the last weddings before they sold the property to private owners.  It was a beautiful place!

You'll notice that I eventually changed into a shorter dress for the drinking and dancing part of the reception!  It was a nice relief in the Texas heat!

 And last but NOT least, in my opinion...the details...My momma and I spent over a year gathering decorations for this wedding.  I went with a rustic/vintage look and wanted each table to look the same but be different.  I won't share pictures of EVERY table but here are a few of my favorites.  You'll notice the chalkboards all have The Beatles songs on them...that's how guests knew when they could get in line for food...when their song was played.

The the amazing "The Cake Guys" out of Duncanville, Texas

Just a little extra...some awesome shots by the oh so talented Tucker Images!

My mom,a wore that exact penny in her shoe on her wedding day to my daddy!  So special!  And I wore my grandmother's blue ring.

The bonnet I wore home from the hospital as a new born turned into a hankerchief for me to tie into my wedding dress. So special and something I hope to pass down to a daughter one day.

My invites and programs were from this great Etsy shop...Bleu Print Shoppe

My cousin/MOH got me this dachshund to pin in my petticoat since Sadie Mae couldn't' be there that day!

And I can't conclude this post without thanking Jagad Designs and Rent My Dust for their contributions.  All the metal work you see at the ceremony and reception were rented from Jagad Designs.  The antique quilts and mix-matched chairs were rented from Rent my Dust.

My wedding day was one of the best days of my life!!  Did everything happen just as perfectly as I had envisioned...heck no...but that's what makes it a wedding's not perfect...but our love is!

I shall share our honeymoon next...and some exciting news as well!!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!