Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wrap UP on a Wednesday! Your Mind=Blown, Right?

Hi ya'll!

Did you miss me.  Have you been checking my blog daily for updates? ha!

I took a couple of days (Monday and Tuesday) off since I will be slaving working the week of Christmas.  What kind of country is this?  If I ran things, we'd all get the whole week of Christmas off.  As well as every other week in the year.  Working sucks. Dammit, where's that silver spoon, Momma and Daddy?

Enough of my whining rambling...I figured I'd go ahead and tell about how fabulous and lazy my few days off were!

Saturday I had brunch (classy way of saying "we started drinking at 1")with some of my bestest friends.  We went to a little place in the "Uptown" area of Dallas called Villa-O.  Let me tell you, I am so glad I didn't carry my fake Louis V because those bitches rich women would have smelled it a mile away.  Also, I fit in so great in my Payless tall boots and entire outfit from Steinmart.  I'm sure they knew how wealthy I was, especially when I valet'ed, yes, I'm big time, my Kia Sportage!  Regardless of the snobbery present we had a great time for one reason, two words.  Bottomless Mimosas.  They also have good food, too. 

It's probably just my poorness low self esteem. 
But I'm pretty sure they did this when they(rich girls) walked by.
Sometimes I think "Why can't I be a $30,000 a year millionaire and pretend to be rich, too!"

But let's be honest here,
 I'd totes join them if my parents hadn't failed to birth me with that damn silver spoon in my mouth. 
I'm supposed to be rich, what were they thinking?

Bottomless Mimosas.  Yes, please!

 Me and very first BFF...since like kindergarten. 
Friends for life, yo!

Britt, Haley and I.
Taking a million pictures for Instagram, of course!

We continued our day drinking well into the night.  We couldn't figure out why the bars were so "dead"...until a bar tender reminded us that it was only 5:00 and "things don't get started until around 9 or 10".  Yeah...we didn't make it that late.  We went home, stuffed our faces, laughed hysterically at each other's jokes because we're the funniest people we know and ended the night with some Reba Mcentire karaoke.

After all that mess.  I spent the entire day Sunday in my bed.  I don't even know that I left for food.  I think The Fiance brought me lunch.

Monday was just as lazy as Sunday, which, to me, is the perfect vacation.  I spent the entire day watching the first Season of American Horror Story on Netflix at my SIL's.  I watch the second season but had never seen the that it's on Netflix for free I had to watch it.  That ish is scary.  I 'm not sure which season is scarier...but I'm gonna say probs the first considering the amount of nightmares I had Monday night.  I wish they were all of Tate's sexy smile...but they weren't.

Pretty much me, all night long.

Tuesday was fun.  I went shopping with my momma and  my grandmother.  I call her Moner.  We went to Sam Moon...which I am so pissed at myself because I should have taken pictures so I could do a blog post about that amazing place...but I was too overstimulated by all the jewelry, scarves and purses!  Oh my!  We also did a lot of other shopping and I'm happy to report, I'm 100% done with my Christmas shopping!  Not that I had much to buy...The Fiance and I are using what we would normally spend to put toward the wedding.  BOOOORING!

But here's the really fun part of the day.  My momma's driving.  (she's going to kill me for this! ha!)  She's really a good driver...I am just a really bad "rider" (that's not what she said)....but I think these two gifs pretty much sum up the day...

 My momma right after we almost rear ended a car "Oh well, there was no one behind us"


haha.  You know I love you mamma and I'd much rather ride in your car and use your gas than take mine and scare YOU to death! 

So, that's what I've been up to the past few days!  Does anyone else's momma's driving scare the you know what out of you?

Linking up with Helene In Between for "Tell Me About it Tuesday" on a Wednesday...because she participated in a blogger day of silence yesterday. :) 


Helene said...

hahaha this is greatness! love this!
so sorry you have to work on christmas, not fair!
I love villa-o! one of my fave places to go! so yummy!
i am for sure not the best driver.

Shannon Page said...

Nothing better than a brunch with bottomless mimosas!! :) I love it!

Rachel @ front row seat said...

My driving typically scares others. haha! My mother in law refuses to ride while I'm driving unless she can sit in the back seat with no view out the front windown. :s