Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday #2

Trying to explain to my nail lady who is from Vietnam what "April Fools Day" is...a customer brought it up and she kept asking...I think she's probably more confused now than ever!

Going to look at a house on Saturday that straight up reeked of cigarette smoke and dog feces.  I couldn't help it ya'll...I had to cover my  nose with my freshly washed, smellin' good hair or I would have puked.  AND the owner was there!  I wanted to walk right back out of that house but My Honey told me I was being a snob so I had to pretend to be interested.

The fact that my contacts only last about a week before it starts to feel like I have sand paper in my eye balls...NOT COOL!  I guess I'm gonna have to get a different brand this year. 

Our waiter at Pappadeaux on Friday night.  Bless his little heart...well, that's just all I'll say on that one.

I have my pants pinned together with a safety pin today...I need new work pants desperately and just can't ever bring myself to buy's TIME!  Weight loss or not, I need to break down and get some new pants!


We put an official offer on a house Monday.  We won't know anything for around 30 days because it's a "Short (Should be called Loooong) Sale"

It's First Monday/Canton Trade Days weekend here in the Dallas area and I cannot wait to go Saturday with my mom and sister in law!  The temp is supposed to be in the 80's!  Hello SPRING!  I heart you!!

I get to see my two precious cousins in Peter Pan this weekend at their school play!

My best friends mom got great news, she will start hormone therapy for her breast cancer but as of right now NO CHEMO!!!

Going shopping on my lunch break!

My friend Joni had her baby...Gavin Joseph was born Monday, March 28 at 7:20 p.m. He was 8 lbs 7 oz and 21 inches long.  OH and I won the "delivery date" pot at extra $50 in my pocket!

Today is Thursday, which means one more day until the WEEKEND baby!!!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Little Vintage French White Farm House On The Prairie Give Away!

Check out this AMAZING give away I stumbled upon at Tales From an OC Cottage!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daydreaming of...Chandeliers and Faux Fireplaces!

As we continue the search for a "perfect" first home, I can't help but to continue daydreaming about how I'll decorate...we put an offer on a house but it's a "Short Sale" so we won't know for awhile if it's ours.  Yeah, I's called a "short sale" but takes forever...makes NO sense...I have decided that IF I am lucky enough to have a dining room I want to do a "faux" fireplace in lieu of a hutch/china cabinet...especially since I do not even own china and I have a hutch I'm putting in my breakfast would be over kill...maybe one day after we get married and get some fancy china...but for now, one hutch will do! And yes...we're buying a house before we're comment, please.  I can be old fashioned in a lot of ways but I can be so modern at the same time...I'm crazy like that!

And here, my friends, is some FABULOUS inspiration...

FIRST up...The Faux Fireplaces/Mantels.....

My beautiful friend Erin, over at It's a Wannabe Decorators Life
 has such a lovely home...
so much inspiration to be found over at her blog...
for instance, her to die for faux mantel!! 

I am totally loving this look!  Oh, that old window!!
 For us Dallas girls...these are ALL over the place at
First Monday Trade Days...
and I'm loving how she added  the lights under the logs
to make it look like a fire!  LOVE IT ALL!!!!

This look is just so clean and I love that antique mirror!

The Nester always has the cutest ideas...
I love the shutters w/ the old frame attached...just adorable!

Ahhhh...and on to the Chandeliers....
I want an island in my kitchen so badly...but it may not happen...can't get EVERYTHING we want, right?!?

But If i did have one...oh how I would die to have a chandelier over it...just look at these kitchens...they're down right dreamy!

Thinking I could maybe add a small island/butcher block
like this one to almost any kitchen...

I love the "funkiness" of this kitchen...
It screams ROCK N best friend would love this!

What isn't there to say about this one...IN.LOVE. 
Especially loving all those wine bottles!  YES, please!

OK, I seriously NEED this table.  I'm in love with it! 

Well...I think that is enough LOVELINESS  for today!!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

Me, Stylish? Someone Thinks So!!

Sweet, glowing Lesley, over at Mommy in the Making has honored me with the "Stylish Blogger Award!"  Thanks're awesome!!

To accept this award the recipients are asked to do a few things.
  1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Award 10-15 blogs you feel deserve the award
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7 Things About Me:
1. I'm super a fault!

2. I have been w/ my Honey for 2 years
3. My Honey and I dated in middle school, high school (took him to junior prom!) and for a bit after high school and were reunited years later due to something tragic and feel that God brought us back together.
4. We put an offer on a house in Forney, TX yesterday...and I'm impatient to find out if it's accepted! :)
5. I love "drive w/ the windows down" weather days!
6. We have a sweet dachshund, Sadie Mae and a Lab, Koopa...they're our babies for now!
7. I will be an aunt for the first time in late May/Early June and I absolutely CANNOT wait to meet my nephew Zane!

And here are a few blogs that I follow that will Rock Your Socks! :) (go ahead, follow them too!)

Mommy in the Making
It's a Wannabe Decorators Life!
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Enjoy...The Curvy Life!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Exercising With My Honey...

My Honey told me last week that he wants to start working out with me at the track accross the street from our house. (Pretty sure that was his nice way of saying "you need to get in shape!)  He ran track in high school and is an natural athlete...I on the other hand do not have one athletic bone in my entire body...hence the reason I HATE to exercise!! Last year my sister in law and I started the Couch to 5K challenge and I was getting to the point that running wasn't entirely painful...and I quit.  This is a recurring thing for me...I start something and never see it through...I'm totaly frustrated with myself!!  So...starting tomorrow My Honey tells me that he's going to "teach  my body how to be athletic."  I'm SCUUUURRRRRED!! 

These about sum up how I feel about exercise and dieting!

And here's to hoping that after working out together we can get closer to how we looked in High we are at our Junior Prom!!  HEHE!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

Friday, March 25, 2011

DIY Nursery Wall Art

Go check out the LOVELY wall art my sister in law and I (mostly her) made with my fancy Cricut!  It turned out so's a few pics but you can read the full story over at her blog "Mommy In The Making"

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Who DOESN'T love Etsy?  NO ONE that is awesome, that is who!!!  I had a lovely lady comment on one of my posts today, so I went on over and checked out her blog that, of course, led me to her Etsy store...she has some CUTE stuff at VERY affordable prices!!!  I just picked up this cute headband for only $16!  I mean, Target has headbands that aren't near as cute for the same price!

If you know me, you know how much I L-O-V-E pink...I NEED this....

She also has some very cute necklaces...I have a B-Day coming May...hint, hint...

So go check her out!!! <----Click here

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

Awkward & Awesome Thursday - Day 1

I know a lot you guys follow The Daybook fashion blog and every Thursday she does "Awkward and Awesome Thursday" as do 500 or so of her followers...and now me too....


Trying to start this post and having no clue what to write! HA!

Finding out my best friends mom has Breast Cancer - this is just devastating, not awkward!

Learning that the house we really wanted was not going to happen and having to accept that it just wasn't in God's will for us to have that house

Eating a bag of Weight Watcher's Dijon Pretzels and trying to work/type as I have Dijon sprinkles all over my hands...I think I could make a meal out of the crumbs in my keyboard!  GROSS!!

Getting done with that bag of WW's Dijon Pretzels and being so sad that I put the bag up to my mouth and pour the crumbs into my mouth but mostly all over the people at work stare at me..EMBARRASSING!!!

Coming to work thinking that I'm going to be swamped because Joni is now on Maternity Leave and being SLOW...uhm, not what I want or was expecting...I am excited to be super busy!

My Honey asking me on our drive home from San Antonio "How many points do you think those two bags of Chex Mix were?"  Uhm, doesn't he know better...I'm on VACATION...points do not exist on vacation!  DUH!

The fact that 3 of my "Awkward" are about food...yeah, the diet is in struggle mode this week...and has been for about 2 weeks...

The amount of spelling errors found while spell checking this post...seriously, Heather!!


Knowing that God has the power to heel Cathy, my best friends mom.

My Honey who was so positive and encouraging when we found out the house for us wasn't meant to be. 

My Honey telling me that he knows how much I want to lose weight so he's going to start working out with me every night and encouraging me to get fit.  Let's cross our fingers that this doesn't cause too many fights!  haha!  He won't accept my excuses like most people!

Looking at more houses online and seeing that there are still so many options out there.

Dreaming of all the ways I'll get to decorate my new home.

The hutch my mom found at an estate sale that was marked $200 and we got for $85!!  Not to mention the other great finds she got me!!  EEK...I just can't wait to start decorating!!!

Hobby Lobby...b/c it's Hobby Lobby and you can find just about anything you want 1/2 off every other

The BE-UTIFUL (yes, I know I spelled this wrong) weather we are experiencing here in Dallas today!  It's totally windows down weather and that is my favorite!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daydreaming of...A Craft Room!

For all you crafters out there, I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about!  Who wouldn't love to have a room dedicated soley to crafting and making beautiful, fun, original works of art?!?!  I know I would!!  Especially when all I have right now is a "make-shift" crafting area...the dining room table!!  It takes a little bit of the joy out of crafting when you have to lug out everything...paper, scissors, die cuts, ribbon, the huge, not so light, Cricut Expression...and all the cartridges and what not that go with it!  THEN, when you're done, you get to put it all away just to drag it all back out a few days later!  Ugh...such a PAIN in the you know what...

So, as we're house hunting, I find myself selfishly leaning toward the houses with 4 bedrooms...just so I can turn one into my own little craft/office area!!  It's looking more and more like we'll be getting a 3 bedroom home and I guess I'm ok with that...I'll just have to choose, spare bedroom or craftroom...oh the decisions...and being somewhat practical I'll probably go with the spare bedroom. 

Until we make our final decision on a house and I know for sure if I'll be getting that desired craft room...I daydream and look at all the lovely craft room inspirations online!

Here's some deliciousness for you...

I'm loving the colors in this seems so "clean" and sophisticated...LOVE that table too!

I like the hutch in this one and how cute is that desk?
 This "MAKE" sign is just fabulous
 OK...this one is just perfection!  From the arched hutch to the green work station!  I'm totally digging it!
Love the old mannquin too!! 
 Since I may never get a craft room, I liked this craft closet...the wire organizers (I bet from the Container Store) are perfect because you could just roll all your stuff in and out!  And I'm such a sucker for organization!  I get butterflies in my tummy just thinking about The Container Store!
 How fancy is this old kitchen table!  LOVING IT!  And it would make a nice big work area and even better I bet it would clean up easy!!
 I'm loving the middle work stationin here!!  If you're like me, I need a HUGE craft area because I tend to "blow up" when I'm getting creative!! :)
 Ahhhh...The room is just so "clean" and organized!  Totally loving it!  I like to have all my mess "hidden" in cute baskets or what not.
Oh my, how cute is the old window w/ the "I Make Things" decal...I could SO make this w/ my Cricut!!  Love the table too!!

Well, I hope this made you have butterflies like it did me!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daydreamin of...Decorating a NEW Home!!

So, My Honey and I went house hunting this, what a stressful, yet exciting day!!  We found one house that we absolutely love and I think we may make an offer this week!!  We are SO excited and SO SCARED at the same time!!  Well, all this house hunting has got me daydreaming about how I will decorate my new home!  I am obsessed with all the decorator blogs and plan to get A LOT of ideas from them...I really don't know what my taste is yet...I love the "Cottage/Vintage/Country/Eclectic" look...however, I also like things to look "clean" and not cluttered.  Here are a few things I'm loving right now:

I LOVE the silhouette pictures!  You can see the whole before and after of this lovely dining room at Holly Mathis Interiors.  I'm not sure I'll have an actual dining room in my new home but if so, I would definitely like something like this!

These gray walls with the white plates just speak to me!!  I'm obsessed with gray walls right now...I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to paint my walls gray or convince My Honey that it's a good idea.  He would, however, love the white antlers on the table! :)  You can see this wonderful look at The Nester

I have an antique bed that I've had since I was a little girl...I want to do a room similar to this one!  LOVES it!!
Well...that's it for now!!  I can't wait to start going to garage sales and estate sales to pick up some unique things!!  One thing I've learned from my can make almost anything look better with a little paint!!
Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cricut Crafting-BFF's Birthday Card!

I was very anxious to make something with my new toy...and lucky for me, my best friend Casey's birthday is I started out simple and I made her card...

This is just about everything I used...inside that green box is just about every plain color card stock you can imagine!! And I actually ended up only using 2 of the papers here.

Up close of the cartridges and ribbon...I only ended using the purple sparkly can barely see it, it's on top of the Doodlecharms box. Also...note the tape to the left...that's "raised" make things look 3-D...I used those on the cupcake...see below.

TADA...finished product...and I think it's pretty cute.  :) It's actually cuter in person...I need a better camera...but for now mine will do!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Obsession!

So, I consider myself pretty "crafty" and have been scrapbooking for several years...yet I just heard about the Cricut thanks to my Mom.  I had to learn more about this thing so, of course, I turned to the interenet!  To my surprise they start at like $250 and go up.  Being the thrifty shopper that I am, I was determined to find it cheaper.  I turned to Craigslist and sure enough I found a brand new...never used Cricut Expression for $200!!  SCORE!!  I picked it up today and I'm in love!! 

You can make so many cute things!!  I found an AWESOME blog...Everyday Cricut and wow...they are super creative and gave me so many ideas!

So get ready...The Curvy Life is going to start being the Crafty Life as well!!  I'm super excited to share my creations with you all!!!

First up...a picture my sister in law will be making for Zane's nursery!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Less Of Me, More of Blogging

Exactly 7.6 pounds less of me is writing tonight!!  I know, I's been quite a long time since I've blogged...sorry about that I've been a slacker! But boy do I have lots to write about tonight!!  First of all, I've started working out on my lunch our.  I'm so blessed to work for a company that has a gym and it's only $15 a month!!  Can't beat that...oh and did I mention I can work w/ a personal trainer twice a week for FREE!!!!  Yeah...I know, amazing!!  Capital One ROCKS!!!  Since I'm going on my lunch break I don't have a whole lot of time so as of right now I'm focusing on cardio.  I've been doing the elliptical for about 10 minutes (don't judge--it's hard!) and the bike for 20 minutes.  So my first day on the bike I had a horrible image of myself pulling a "Bridget Jones" and falling flat on my face as soon as I got off the bike!!  To my surprise, I stayed upright but it was a struggle!!
After my first full week of working out (3 days really) I lost an astounding FOUR, yes 4 pounds at my next WW's meeting!!  I was torn between jumping over the counter and hugging the WW's lady or crying...I did neither, I just texted everyone in my phone and posted it on FB!  So, as much as I HATE to say it...if you're needing an extra boost in your weight loss...get some cardio in!!  You can make it fun...walk the dog or kiddo on a nice day, go bowling (yes, that's a workout), or get a fun app on your phone like Couch to 5K that will challenge you! 

I stumbled across a new favorite at the grocery store.  You may have already had these...Lean Cuisine Steamer Bags.  OH.MY.GOODNESS. They are divine!!!  First of all you feel like you're eating a ton of food...once put on a plate it takes up a whole, large, paper plate!  My two favs so far are the Chicken Alfredo and Garlic Chicken. 

Another tip to get even more food...add some broccoli or other veggies to the mix!!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!