Monday, January 31, 2011


I just watched the show on A&E, Heavy for the first time.  I have always been reluctant to watch weight loss shows...I don't really know why.  Maybe because I was afraid I would relate to the people on the show and that would really mean that I have a problem.  Well, today I watched was on after Intervention and I was too lazy to change the is one of the most motivating yet heart-wrenching shows I've ever watched.  Until you have dealt w/ food addiciton you cannot relate to the people on this show.  I encourage anyone needing some extra motivation to check out the show.  I'm crying as I write this...that's how much this show touched me!! 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Weekend Doesn't Make Cheating OK!

I am really struggling right now with sticking to my diet on the weekends.  I'm great Monday-Friday and then by Friday night I'm craving all kinds of junk food!  From fast food to chocolate to beer to anything that is NOT good for me!  Does anyone else face this struggle each weekend?  I feel like I'm really hindering my weight loss because I usually give in to these cravings!!  I need help...what works for YOU on the weekends?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Long Time, No Post

I'm baaaccckkkkkk....I'll be honest, I haven't felt like blogging lately...I'm already bored with dieting!!  Big surprise...there's nothing exciting about dieting!!  Although I'm bored, I'm sticking to this!!!  Here's what's getting me through:

  •  YOU...whoever's reading this...I feel like if I don't stick to it that I've just been "all talk" once again...I'm really good at being all talk and never succeeding!  I've honestly NEVER been successful at losing more than 10 pounds and I really, really want this time to be different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  REALLY!!!!!! 
  • Going to the WW's meetings!  There is another person actually seeing my weight...not just me naked in the bathroom making excuses that the scale is probably broken!
  • The birth of my nephew Zane...I want to be able to get down on the floor and play with him without feeling uncomfortable and having a hard time getting up.
  •  LAST but certainly NOT least...MYSELF.  I want to look good in anything I put on...I want to look good in almost every picture I take...even the "candid" ones!!!  That may be vain...but it's the truth and I'm stickin to it!
I went to my second WW's meeting last week and boy was I nervous...I hadn't been great over the weekend and I was afraid that my "time" of the month would hurt me even more...but to my surprise, I had lost 1.2 lbs!!  I wanted to reach over the counter and hug the sweet lady that took my weight!! 

A new snack (for me) that is really saving me is frozen fruit with a package of Splenda!! YUM, YUM, YUM!!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's ON!

As of today I'm officially a member of Weight Watchers!  My joining was delayed by that stupid stomach bug last week.  I joined at a location in Frisco, TX so that I can go on my lunch break.  I figure that this way I won't make up excuses as to why I can't go after work.  Anyone who has ever worked out with me knows how good I am with coming up with excuses!  I think I could write a book of lie!! It's not something I'm proud of! 

For years I've "done" WW's but not gone to meetings...let me tell you...the meetings are KEY to success!!  They give you that weekly boost and encouragement you need when dieting.  A guy friend asked me today "why do you have to go to meetings, can't you just do that online?"  my answer.."Yes, you can do it online but it's nice to go sit in the room w/ other overweight, hungry people and share different ways to succeed!"  The great part about the meetings is that every single person there knows what you're going through, knows the struggles and what it's like to step on the scale and want to throw on the nearest pair of sweat pants and drive through Dairy Queen for the biggest Blizzard they sale!  Another great reason to go to meetings is you stay updated on everything new with WW's.  For instance, they have a brand new "Points Plus" program.  In one word it is amAzing!!!  It encourages you to make healthier choices rather than whatever is lower in points.  On the old program you had to use points to eat fruit...not anymore!!  All fresh fruits are ZERO...yes, you read that right, ZERO points!!!  On the old plan I was hungry A LOT...not now!  When I get hungry I grab an apple or orange...craving satisfied!  I encourage anyone that is following the WW's plan to find your nearest meeting.  You can join for $13 a week or $40 a month--with this one you get free E-Tools which gives you access to the iPhone app and recipes, etc online!  This link will take you to the meeting finder:

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cold Weather Munchies

Hello all!!  I've been MIA for a few days, I apologize, I got that nasty stomach bug that's going around and it had me down for a few days!  But I'm back and ready to update on what I've been doing the past few COLD days to shut up that awful hungry monster!! If you're anything like me, when it gets cold it seems like my internal "hungry monster" goes into overtime!!!

Here are a few things I've been eating and snacking on to keep that little guy happy AND still healthy!!

If you're a fan of guacamole like me, these things are the best invention EVER!  They're separate little packs of guacamole and they're only 100 calories!  I haven't figured up the WW's points on them...but I would imagine they're around 2-3 points and to me, worth every point!!!

These chips are SO good...I like to eat them w/ the 100 calorie guacamole packs or w/ a turkey sandwich!
Total WW's pts: 3

For those times you just really need something to satisfy that sweet tooth this snack is divine!!  I pour the jello into a bowl and top with a spoon full (or two) of the Fat Free Cool Whip.  You'll want to lick the bowl!
Total WW's pts: 2

Tonight for dinner I really wanted something with chili but chili is so fattening!!  I stopped by Brookshires on my way home and to my surprise Wolf Brand makes a turkey chili that is very low in fat!  I also found 98% FF hot dog wieners that come out to only 1 point on WW's.  I'm anxious to see how it all tastes!
Turkey Chili - 4 WW's pts.
2% Mexican Cheese (1/4 c) - 2 WW's pts.
98% FF Wieners - 1 WW pt.
Hot Dog Bun - 3 WW's pts.
TOTAL WW's Pts: 10
Note:  Skip the cheese and/or bun to reduce points.

**All points are based on the new Weight Watchers Points Plus System.

I hope that everyone is staying nice and warm!!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

Monday, January 3, 2011

D-Day--better known as Day 1 of the rest of my "skinny" life!

The first day, while it's easy, it's hard to get to the point to HAVE a first there's that...I made it through the first day and it wasn't so bad! Yes, I thought I was going to starve to death before I got home to make dinner....but I made it!!  I learned that on the new WW's plan everything is 1-3 points more but you also get more points...I also learned that the Smart One's Pizza's are NOT worth the 11 points they cost you!  Unless you just really need a pizza...I wouldn't recommend it!  

Tonight for dinner I made one of my favorite chicken recipes, the Baked Chicken with Mushrooms.  It came out to 7 points and worth EVERY.SINGLE.POINT.  As are pics.  

All the Ingredients you need

All put together, ready for the oven

Finished product...
I know it just looks like a big mess...but it's a delicious big mess!

Pair with some green beans and you've got yourself one heck of a great, low fat dinner!

Enjoy....The Curvy Life!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Dreaded Sunday Grocery Shopping Trip!

After a long day of cleaning the house and cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator I forced myself to go to Wal-Mart to get my groceries so that I can start eating right tomorrow!  And I sure did stop at Taco Casa on my way home to eat my last "bad" meal!! Don't judge!

Here's my grocery list:

red onion (1)
sweet potatoes (2)
mushrooms (for recipe below)
apples (3)
oranges (3)
bananas (3)
Nature's Own Wheat Bread - 35 calories per slice
98% FF Tortillas
Frozen Blueberries
Lean Cuisines (4-6)
Frozen Veggies (Green Beans, Broccoli)
Marinara Sauce (for recipe below)
Lipton Onion Soup Mix (for recipe below)
Pace Picante Mild Sauce
Frozen Blueberries (put in my yogurt)
Instant Mashed Potatoes
Corn Flakes (for recipe below)
Cinnamon Swirl Oatmeal
Breakfast bars
Lunch Meat (turkey/ham)
2% Cheese Slices
2% Shredded Cheese
Shredded Mozzarella (for recipe below)
2% Shredded Parmesan Cheese (for recipe below)
Chicken Breasts
Baked Chips (Doritos, tostitos)
Fat Free Pudding
Skim Milk
100 Cal Snacks

My total grocery bill was $ I know that sounds excessive but I did buy My Honey some not so dietetic food and of course, we ran out of laundry detergent, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc!!  I'm sure that if I hadn't had to buy all that extra stuff my bill would have been around $100-$125...not bad considering I haven't bought groceries in about 4 weeks!

Here are 3 recipes that we'll be having for dinner this week.  They're all low fat/calorie recipes and REALLY good!!

This recipe is for a Low Calorie Chicken Parmesan...I've made it once before and I'll be honest...I burned the 2 first pieces and My Honey came to the rescue and made the rest...and it was DELICIOUS!!!!  I bought some "healthy" pasta to serve with it.

This recipe is for Oven "Fried" Chicken.  I have not tried this particular recipe but I have tried a similar's a great way to change up chicken!  Chicken can get very old after awhile on a diet!!

This is one of my FAVORITE is SO good!!!  I've never made it for My Honey so I'm excited to see if he likes it too!
(sorry, no pic of this one..I'll take one when I make it though!)

A side item I'm making is New Potatoes w/ Lipton Onion Soup Mix.  SUPER easy...
Slice New Potatoes and lay out in pan (grease pan w/ Pam)
Spray potatoes w/ Pam
Sprinkle Lipton Onion Soup Mix over potatoes, make sure all potatoes are covered.
Bake at 425 for about 20 minutes or until potatoes are cooked.

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Me

Now that it's officially 2011 I'm ready to reveal my blog and what it's all about!  I plan to use this blog as motivation to myself and anyone else who may need it.  I have struggled with my weight for years now, tried all different diets, lost and gained know, the typical "yo-yoing" that comes with weight struggles!

A good girlfriend and I discovered we both have "body dismorphia (in a good way)"...usually body dismorphia is used to describe anorexics looking in the mirror and seeing themselves as fat.  For so long I've looked in the mirror and said "Oh, it's not THAT bad..." but in the past few months I think that God has really opened my eyes to see my true self.

On Monday I am going to join Weight Watchers.  Right now they are waiving the enrollment fee!  I have done WW's several times before and been successful but when I've been the most successful is when I actually go to the meetings!  So I've decided to join in Frisco so that I can go on my lunch break and am only dependent on myself to go...I've learned over the years that when it comes to dieting there is only one person you can rely on and that's yourself!  It's fun to have a workout partner or a best friend who is dieting with you but at the end of the day only YOU can make yourself successful! 

I am going to the grocery store tomorrow and I will post my grocery list for all to see...feel free to comment on things I could add next week or even things that I should eliminate or substitute with something else.

So here goes....please follow me on my journey through "The Curvy Life"!!