Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daydreaming of...Pottery Barn!

Oh, Pottery Barn, how I love thee...and how my pocket books laughs at me!!  I was bored and of course, daydreaming of decorating and so I made the mistake of "surfing" on over to the PB website...ahhh...dreamy!!  Here are a few (there's actually way more than a few) things I wouldn't say no to...

How PERFECT is this for a Craft Room?!?
"Bedford Project Table"

I would love this on a patio or in an entry! 
I love the POP of color!
"Blakely Rustic Bench"

I just might have to break down and buy these for my master bath!
"Glass Bird Canisters"

"Hyde Turned Coffee Table"  

this would look lovely on a dark leather couch!
"Katherine Floral Embroidered Pillow"

I love the look of a huge map in an office or game room...
My Honey and I love to travel and think it would be fun to put those little "pins" on the places we've been!
"Map Wall Decal"

LOVE. THIS.  Organization makes me happy!!
"Mitchell Cubby Organizer"

"Nest Sentiment Lumbar Pillow"

I'm totally lusting over this table!!
"Newberry Coffee Table"

And THIS, my friends, is what inspired this post...
I want, need, must have this table or one like it!!!  I love the bench!!!
"Norfolk Dining Table"

Get ready to spit out whatever you're drinking, because you can have these guys for only...$149!  I think my eyes popped out of my head when I saw that price!  I think PB wants us to really believe they're vintage...
"PB Found Pharmacy Bottles"

PERFECTION in a breakfast nook!
"Shayne Kitchen Table"

 "Shelburne Museum Rose Branch Rug"

Love this in an office or little girls room!  They also suggest it for jewelry storage!
"Striped Pin board"

If you're anything like storage is ALWAYS an issue...this would be a place to store SOME of my jewelry!
"Wall Mounted Jewelry Storage"

Well...where's my endorsement check, PB? HA! 

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

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