Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up + A WINNER!

Hi Ya'll!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! 

I know this time of year can be so hectic and stressful!  It always is for us.  This year, though, it seems like fewer people are having Christmas parties...or we're just getting fewer invites.  Either way, I'm totally OK with it.  It's been nice to have friends over the past few weekends with no fuss!  We're that couple that is always on the go and always has plans.  So when we get a weekend with no "real" plans, other than friends over for dinner, we are two happy campers! 

Here's a re-cap of  how much we ate what we did this weekend:

Friday: We were supposed to go to dinner for our anniversary but I was exhausted after a busy week at work so we decided to have a few too many drinks and make it an early night.  I was in bed by 10, I believe. 

Saturday:  We went and got donuts when we woke up.  I know, totes NOT on the plan for my "Holiday Weight Loss Challenge".  I have a hard time saying no to a donut. 
After that we pretty much laid around until it was time for our company. 
My STBSIL (soon to be SIL) + my bff and her hubs were coming over for dinner. 
The Fiance made fried deer meat.  (stop drooling)

 The Fiance and The BFF's hubs in the kitchen cooking.
There's so much right about this picture!
They pretty much did all the work and we sat on the couch and gossiped!

If you're offended by animal meat...this is completely fake + you're missing out.
The Fiance prepping the deer meat.  He soaked it in canned milk for 2 days.
I'm sure it was fat free canned milk.

Holy mother of all things holy...there are no words to even describe how good it was.
My mouth is watering now just thinking about it. 
Since we were being bad...I figured why not be real bad.  #fatgirlsframeofmind
So I whipped up some homemade mashed potatoes and used a recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  If you've never had her Creamy Mashed Potatoes, well, you've never really had good mashed taters, then.  My friend Meagan from "I Like It, I Love It" told me about them awhile back and Oh My GOODNESS....get ready for a food "O" because they're that good!  Check out the link above for the recipe!  We had corn too.  Yeah...just a big huge carb & starch filled, delicious, mouth watering meal.  It pretty much screamed "Heart Attack On A Plate".
By the time dinner was ready we were like ravenous beasts starving and no one got a picture of the beautiful heart attack on a plate.  Darn.

After dinner the boys played some golf game on the XBox and the girls sat around and gossiped some more while watching Bridesmaids.  It was a wild and crazy night, if you can't tell.  My bff's preggers so she drank "sparkling grape juice" so that she felt like she was actually having some wine.  Bless her heart. 
OH...I felt Lincoln Jack (the baby growing inside her) move for the first time.  So that was fun!
I think the evening wrapped up around 10:00 and we were all ready for bed.  That's what eating all that fatty/fried amazingness will do to you!  I couldn't even drink a beer after.  I was done at 7. I could have easily gone to bed then.

 We also had fun watching Sadie Mae go and steal her big brother's bones.
He was much too interested in what the boys were making in the kitchen and kept leaving it unattended.

Side Note:  I love how boys say they're "playing golf" when they're really playing a video game.  Like they're so serious about it.  The Fiance will even tell me "I have a golf tourney at 3" when he's really just going to a bar to play Golden Tee.
Cracks. Me. Up. 
Does your man do that?  Or is it just my golfer fiance?

Sunday:  Oh, Sunday.  How I love thee.  This should start out with "we went to church".  We are in the market for a new home church but I'll be honest, we haven't been actively looking like we should.  We really do want to become church members and have a marriage based around Christ.  That's another post though...
Back to what we did on Sunday.  Sunday's have become my "lazy" days.  Sometimes I might not even brush my teeth.  However, that wasn't the case this Sunday because we went and had breakfast and drove around talking for awhile.  We're weird.  Sometimes we like to just hop in the car and drive around and talk and look at how the town we grew up in has changed so much.  The Fiance's grandparents and mom both grew up in our used to be small town and so did my we always have fun stories to re-tell about places or houses that aren't even there anymore.  Oh my...yeah, we are like a 65 year old couple.  It's ok.  I love us just that way!
After our senior citizen drive around town I took a nap and then watched three, yes, three Lifetime Christmas movies in a row.  Where do I turn  my cool card in for my cheesepuff and AAA card?

My weekend was boring and AMAZING.  The perfect weekend, in my opinion.

In other news...

 The weather here in North Texas has decided that maybe it will be Winter.
That will probably only last a few days and we'll be back in the 70's and 80's.
I'm really annoyed by it...Global Warming or whatever they call it. 
I have some cute winter clothes that I need to cover my fat to wear.
So come on, Mr. Winter.  Come on down to Texas.

Last but not least.
I finally got around to doing the drawing for my Giveaway.
I was going to have the most adorable toddler in the world draw but he has a hectic schedule and we couldn't meet up.
So I did the drawing myself.
I'm so excited to say that Jennifer Linhart won.
She's also, my cousin and MOH.
I swear though, this was a true, honest drawing.  I took pictures of every step.
Honestly, I get embarrassed when someone I know wins....but it is what it is.

One last thing and then I'm done blabbing.

What music do you listen to when you workout?  I have a Workout Playlist on Spotify but I am needing to add more songs and change it up a bit.  HELP!  Comment me here, Instagram, Facebook or Tweet me!  PLEASE!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life.

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