Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What I'm Loving...+ Weigh In Wednesday

Hi Ya'll!!

Today is Wednesday so I am linking up with the lovely Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I Love Wednesday and with Courtney at Journey of a Dreamer for Weigh In Wednesday.  To learn more about WIW, check out this post.

So sit down, grab a cup of coffee or even better a glass of wine (what?  It's after 12 and completely acceptable!) and find out what I'm loving on this beautiful December Day!

Let's get the dreaded weigh in part over with. 
I actually LOST 1.2 lbs and I have absolutely no idea how because I have only exercised once and up until Monday I was eating like a Europeans kid on his/her first trip to America...all fast food, all the time.  Plus fried deer meat on Saturday and a freaking blizzard from DQ to top it all off Sunday night. 
Nope, not one of those things even had to do with the holidays. 
It all had to do with my rebellion against dieting and the fact that I decided Monday would be my "start" day. 
I have been good this know, the past two days.
Watch out.  Next week's weight loss is going to blow ya'll away. 
Did someone say chocolate?  I kid, I kid. 

Now...On to the fun part.
(One day I'll think nutrition/fitness is the fun part, right?  That's what all the fitness/weight loss blogs tell me.) 
What I'm Loving.
 Ya'll know how I love a good bargain.
This guy above is like $50 at BB&B and I scored it for $20 at Ross today.
Someone is going to be so lucky when they open this at one of the Chinese Christmas exchanges we have this year.
We only  have 5.  yeah. 5

 Still talking about Ross and it's awesomeness.
I got these 2 dresses today for under $25, yes for BOTH.
Ross, where in the hell is my "Rossome" commercial equivalent to the Maxenista commercials?
Get on that. 

And this beauty is, of course, from Ross as well.
Blazer's are all the rage.  Did you know?
I'm thinking this will make it's debut at one of the 5 Christmas celebrations we have this year!

 I just love my dining room table centerpiece this year.
I wanted something different and my mom gave me the idea of the candy.
I already had the apothecary jars, the glitter balls & the tray. 
All I had to buy was the candy.
I love all the COLOR.
Def one of my favorite decorations this year.
It makes me think of being a kid and what's not great about that?

 OH my goodness. 
My bff told me about these salads.
They come with all the fixins.
All you do is mix them together when you're ready to eat.
PLUS they're low in cals.
The only negative is that it's not super filling.
But add a piece of fruit w/ lunch and you're set.
I'm only sort of starving right now.

Continuing on the food subject. 
Hello, I didn't get fat because I hate food!
This 2 Alarm Chili Kit is the
My SIL told me about it awhile back.
I've been waiting and waiting for cold weather to make it.
Finally, we got into the 50's this week so I jumped at the opportunity to use this.
It was SO damn good. 
We had it two nights in a row.  That good.

Last but not least, I'm LOVING the Scentsy Festival of Trees.
We don't do a real Christmas tree. 
We had one one time when I was a kid and all I can remember is having to water it all the time and vacuum up all those damn needles.
No thanks.
So, this makes me feel like I have a real tree without all the work.
My SIL sells Scentsy, hop on over to her website and getcha some!

Well, my lovelies that's what I'm loving....go link up w/ Jamie and tell us what you're loving!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life.


Courtney @ Journey of a Dreamer said...

Whoooo! A loss is a loss regardless. If you can lose that weight with only 2 days of work, imagine what a whole week will look like.

ps- how do you not eat ALL the candy?!

Alicia Curley said...

Congrats on the weight loss! And yes, blazers are a seriously addicting trend. I would like to have hundreds of them in different cuts, colors and patterns.

Martha Lea said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm dieting too-great timing, right?
found you from This Kind of Love. Cute blog!

Esther Davison said...

Congratulations on the weightloss Heather! I'll be sure to link up with you when I do my next weigh in. The scale said I lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks...I'm not sure I'm ready to trust the scale just yet. Esther Norine Designs