Friday, December 21, 2012

What's In Your Purse?

Hi Ya'll!

I'm laughing at my title of my blog today because I actually work for Capital One where our slogan is "What's in Your Wallet?"...I'll tell you what's in  my wallet...nothing fun.  A lot of "discount cards" for stores that don't even work and a lot of old receipts.  No monies!

I'm linking up with Annie Sauce and Katie today.  And I'm going to show you all the crap I keep in my purse.  And to be honest, I just cleaned it out the other day, so this is pretty clean.

 It's a big one (twss) so there's room for lots of crap.

It looks pretty good, right?  Wrong...

 Here's an organized mess of what I found in my bag.

 Clearly, I have a fear of not having enough shades...

 Inside my dirty make-up bag.

Let's dissect this...

1) A Louis Vuitton wallet that I purchased years ago when I was having an "I'm feeling rich" effect...when in reality I was a poor college kid w/ a big credit card limit.  Hard lesson learned.

2) A make-up bag full of lip gloss and covered in broken blush.

3) 3 pairs of cheap, like less than $10 sunglasses that will probably all be broken in the next month.

4) An empty prescription bottle w/  no lid for my "calming" pills...I need a re-fill, obv.

5) Car keys.  Isn't my Coach owl key chain adorable?  Thanks, Mom!

5) Receipts for places that I spent entirely too much money.  Sam Moon, BB&B and a bar we frequent.

6) Trash. I.E. A stick from the Starbucks drinks, a light bulb, a mangled Christmas ornament hook, some teeth thing (no idea where it came from!)

7) My work ID badge that has sticky gum all over the back.  SICK!

8) A tea pot charm that my BFF gave me on her wedding day that I need to have added to my charm bracelet.

9) Hair clips, ties and bobby pins...these ARE a necessity...however, I didn't know they were in there and I always seem to be asking other people for them...

10) BB Cream from Clinique that my friend Britt gave me Saturday...I've used it, can you tell??

11) A flashlight.  Because you never know...

12) A watch.  It was getting on my nerves the other day.

13)  My fav gum...which happens to spill out everywhere and then get stuck to everything else in my purse. (see ID badge)

14) An earring piece from a broken earring that I apparently thought I was going to salvage...but there's no earring in, yeah....

15) A random silver ring.

That's it!  So go link up and show us what's in your wallet purse.

Enjoy...The Curvy Life.


Victoria said...

What a fun link up! Stopping by for it and feeling better about my sunglasses collection! :)

Katie said...

Haha thanks for linking up! I too have a fear, apparently of not having enough lip stuff. (Even though I rarely use it) oops!

Betsy Transatlantically said...

HA - I cleaned mine out, too, and still had tons! it means we're prepared :)

Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

Love it! I think my favorite part is that you refer to it as "crap" in the beginning. That's what always ends up in our purses! Thanks for linking today!