Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday's Threads + Pay It Forward

Hey Ya'll!

It's Tuesday...so that means I have an outfit or two to share with you + I'm sharing 3 blogs that you must visit to see their awesome Pay It Forward stories...see my post from yesterday to learn more.

To be honest, this weeks outfits kind of suck.  I haven't felt like dressing cute.  For one reason, I've gained weight.  Blah.  The holiday's are so hard....wait, never mind...it's ALWAYS hard to stick to a diet/exercise routine.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...I HATE to exercise.  But, alas, I'm starting the Couch to 5k program for the 900th time tonight.  Say a prayer for me and my shins.  I really want to start it out by running outside.  I just enjoy it more and in all honesty, I find it a little easier than the treadmill...but it gets dark at 5:00!  I've watched one to many Criminal Minds episodes to run when it's dark! So, to the gym I go....I'm sure I will come up with about 2 million excuses before 5:00 even gets here on why I can't go! 

Ok, ok...enough bitching and on to what I wore this week (yesterday and today).

Entire outfit-Ross, Shoes-DSW
Top-Target Clearance, Scarf-Wal-Mart, Pants-Ross or Steinmart(not sure)
I'm wearing flats but you can't see them. (obv)
  This outfit is so boring!

Don't forget about my giveaway going on....
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NOW...go to these three blogs and check out their stories for today's Mama Laughlin's Pay it Forward!

(have tissues on hand!)

 for Tell Me About It Tuesday.

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