Friday, December 7, 2012


Hey Ya'll!

You want to see my random and weird pics from this week? 

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  Disclaimer: My phone sucks balls and takes crappy pictures, especially in the dark.  It looks like I'm in a smoke filled room...but nope, I'm outside with no smoke.

 We had some friends over this weekend for hamburgers.
Zane, my nephew came too. 
He loves his Uncle so much. 
The Fiance loves him, too. 
He cut a pool noodle we had in the garage to be just Zane's size. 
He loved it.
 Then he discovered the Red Solo Cups we had in the garage from a party awhile back.
He loved the cup. 
Not because he knows the meaning of a Red Solo Cup but because he likes to pretend drink out of "big people" cups.
This little boy is the light of my life.

 The Fiance looks so thrilled in this picture...
He actually is and loves Zane so much. 
I think I caught them both off guard.

 My Koopa thinks he's a lap dog. 
This is him sitting on me, on the couch.
I'm a softy, what can I say?
He's an old man and I let him get away with just about anything.

 My sweet babies love each other. 

I love, love, love my  new straightener from BabyBliss.
I go to bed at night with wet hair and wake up to a maj fro!
But this straightener works so good that I can get my hair shiny-straigh in like 5 minutes.
Only someone with curly hair will get the miracle that this is.
It's a life changer.

 Did you watch Rudolph when it came on this week?
I did...kind of...I played on my phone a lot too.
Sue me.  I've only seen it like 1000 times.
I just had to watch it, it's a tradition.

 I like to take pictures of my dogs. 
You never know when you might get a "viral" picture...
and then, there would be my 30 seconds of fame!

 My Giveaway ends tonight. 
 Click on the above pic to get to the giveaway post and ENTER!

 Yesterday was our anniversary. 
Four freaking years.
Def my longest relationship and def with my soulmate.
So, ya'll wanna hear something weird? 
I completely forgot it was our anniversary!
The Fiance called me around lunch's how the convo went:

The Fiance: Hey, how's your day?  And BTW, Happy Anniversary!
Me:  Oh crap, is that TODAY? I forgot.  I'm so sorry!
The Fiance: (laughing) I was wondering why you hadn't said anything.  I thought you were testing me and I was so proud that I was going to pass the test.

OOPS.  I guess with all the wedding planning it just slipped my  mind.
I came home to these beautiful roses and the sweetest card.

 I sat in this lovely traffic today.
I-635 in Dallas is hell.
I was finally able to get off and take back roads but I was still late to work.

And now..for the freaky part of this post.
The Fiance and I are in the kitchen last night. 
 He's cutting up deer meat for Saturday and I'm watching talking his ear off.
I look up and see ^^THIS THING ^^ on the ledge above our kitchen cabinets.
I just figured the Fiance had put it there to freak me out.
After making him swear on everything dear to him I realized that HE DIDN'T put that up there.
I'm not a fan of clowns, ya'll.  At. All.  Like I was the kid who cried at the sight clowns and balloons.
I texted the couples that we had over Saturday and they insisted they didn't do it either.
We were freaked.
We were about to take back the keys we had given to our family and friends and change the locks.
Finally, we found out who did it.
It's still freaky and I'm still considering burning the sucker.

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life.

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