Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sweet 16...Things About Me + Cat Pics.

Hi Ya'll!

I don't really have anything great to write about today so I figured I would share a few things about muah!  I mean...there's a long list in my "About Me" section....but there's always "Confessions" about myself that I can share, right? 

I've also got some hilarious cat pictures to share.  Who doesn't love a funny cat picture? Actually, I'll tell you who...I have some friends who tell me I'm weird for laughing so hard at cats...clearly, they're sense of humor needs work. 

So...let's get started...

REMINDER:  These are my confessions...If you're offended...go somewhere else I'm sorry. 

  1. I want a cat for the sole purpose of taking funny pictures of it.  As an animal lover, I'm sure I would learn to love it but really...cats don't love you back.  Let's be honest.
  2. I like to look up pictures of horrible accidents and mangled bodies.
  3. I'm obsessed with true crime stories.  ID Channel, is that you soul mate?
  4. I'm pretty sure that I'm meant to be famous someday, somehow.  Possibly just that "30 second" fame...but famous, none the less.
  5. I hate, hate, hate scary movies and haunted houses...however, I'm obsessed with the show American Horror Story
  6. I would be a horrible movie critic because I can find something good in just about every movie. Except for the first Twilight movie, which was just terrible.  Also, any action movie.  No thanks.  But a good romance, they hook me every time.
  7. I'm fascinated by the Holocaust.  I don't understand that kind of hate or evil.
  8. I hate painting my nails but always want them painted....thank God for a good nail salon.
  9. I have no idea what my natural hair color is.  I've dyed my hair since 8th grade.
  10. I had a near death experience in high school...not really but kind of.  I went through a pipe fence with my car (think Dukes of Hazard)...if my car had been any higher I would have been headless.
  11. I self diagnose myself every. single. time. before I even go to the doctor.  I'm usually never right.  I self diagnose others, too.  Let me know you symptoms and I'll tell you what you have.  Then go straight to the doctor because I get all my info from WebMD so you probably have cancer.
  12. I had to go to Sylvan Learning Center my SENIOR year in high school because I am horrible at math and so was my math teacher.  I was the only kid there that could drive to tutoring.  It was awkward...those chairs were so tiny.  (Yes.  Like Billy Maddison)
  13. My house burned down when I was a junior in high school.  It sucked. (Debbie Downer, is that you?)
  14. I am pretty sure that I have solved the Jon Benet Ramsey case...but no one will listen.
  15. Twitter still confuses me but I love it.  I'm getting better. No, I'm not 90.
  16. I could talk about myself all day.  Which is getting pretty apparent on this post.
I think that is all I will share for today.  Do you still like me?  Are we still friends?

Are you ready for some hilarious cat pictures?  I got all of these from I Can Has Cheezburger.

 My favorite cat of all time.  Grumpy cat.  He does her well.

 This is highly inappropriate and perfect.  Sick cat.

 Kitty has body a good way.  It's ok.  I do too.

 Cats in cars.  Hilarious.

Clearly, not a cat picture.  Yet, hilarious.
Do you think the world is ending this month? I'm pretty skeptical.

Enjoy...The Curvy Life.

Don't forget about my GIVEAWAY.  I'm going to have the drawing on Saturday, I think.  I just need to check my 1.5 year old nephews schedule because he's going to draw the lucky winner!

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