Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Weight Loss Challenge + Pay It Forward

Hi Ya'll!

Happy Hump Day!!

Today marks the day that I start an exciting Holiday Weight Loss Challenge with Courtney over at Journey of a Dreamer!

Here's the deets:

You pay $20 to join the challenge with Dietbet and your money is put into a "pot" with all the other's in the challenge.  If you lose 4% of your body weight you get your $20 back + (I'm guessing) you split the "pot" with whoever else lost 4% of their body weight.  Pretty awesome, no?  It's a great way to get a jump start on your weight loss for the New Year and to keep you from eating all those cookies and candies during Christmas!  I know I need it! 

Every Wednesday is "Weigh In Wednesday" and you link up with Courtney at her blog. (links above).

On Dietbet's site you have to upload a picture of yourself on the scale with whatever "word of the day" they send you along with a full length picture of yourself in your "airport clothes" as they call it. (no shoes, jewelry, etc).  It's all private, if you choose.

I DON'T have to post those pictures on my blog but I have decided that it's time to get REAL about my fat butt (and whole body!).  So I'm going to share with the whole world wide webs my weight.  This scares this shit out of me.  I don't even like to tell my mom my weight....much less everyone that reads my blog!  YIKES! 

I need to lose 7 lbs in 28 days, totally do-able!

Join me in this challenge? 

OH and btw...that "pot" is up to $6040.00 the last time I looked!  Holla!

 This is the picture I shared on DietBet. 
A few side notes:
  I need a tan, my sign is upside down and aren't you jealous of my cute socks? and Can my smile get any faker?
I'll be honest, I think this mirror makes me look smaller than I am, and since I'm being REAL....

 I took another picture in a mirror that doesn't lie to me and tell me I'm skinnier than I really am.
Since it's not full length I couldn't use it for DietBet
Ignore all the crap on my vanity, this is the guest bedroom where I get ready and I'm always running late and well, a slob sometimes.

And here's the awful weight. 
I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry....I'm crying a little.
Ya'll, I weighed like 169 last week. So that means I've gained about 5 lbs in a week!
Not cool.
That's what fast food and beer will get you!

I told ya'll yesterday that I was going to start the Couch to 5K program...well, I didn't.  I worked myself up over it so much that I ended up literally making myself sick.  The gym intimidates the hell out of me!  I always seem to get next to the chick that's running (not even out of breath) when I get there and STILL running (and still not out of breath) when I leave.  Then I feel like she's looking over at my tready like "fat ass, can't even run for a minute!" I'm sure that's not what she's really thinking, she's probably more likely thinking "Good for her for getting here and DOING something..." but my insecurities take over when I'm there with all those skinny bitches girls.  

In order to not make ANY excuses today I packed my work out bag last night and I'm going straight to the gym after work.
  Now that I have $20 to lose, maybe I'll be more motivated.  Maybe.  Hopefully.

I'd love for you to join me in this challenge!  Go here to sign up and let's be those sexy bitches girls at the gym!

Don't forget to visit Mama Laughlin, Aly and Holly's blogs today to read their Pay It Forward stories. 

AND...don't forget about my GIVEAWAY going on until Friday! 
 Entries are your chances are good

Enjoy...The Curvy Life.


Amy said...

I feel the same way at the gym. I have a fear of the exercise classes. That's my goal this month is to get over that fear. Good Luck to you in the challenge!

Brandy Black said...

I'm so proud of you Heather! I am doing the same thing. I just started a separate blog to keep me motivated and accountable. The hardest part is putting your weight and before pictures for the world to see. It absolutely killed me. But it sure has motivated me! I have lost 3 pounds in less than 2 weeks. I am busting my butt. Check it out! Good luck and can't wait to see your progress! I'll check out!

Alicia Curley said...

The day I shared with the world my actual weight, it was the most freeing thing I've ever done! And by sharing it, I finally felt in control to change that number. I think you just set yourself up for wicked success, lady! :) Good luck, and hopefully we'll be cheering each other on to some DietBet mooolah!