Friday, November 30, 2012

Insta-Friday & iPhone Dump Day

Hi Ya'll!!

It's Insta-Friday also iPhone dump day. 

I hate the word "dump".  It's just gross. 

Oh well...on to a whole crap ton of pictures from my phone this week!

 Lemons. Why you ask?  Well, here's the story. 
Friday night me and several people went to Fort Worth for a friends 30th birthday. 
We had a blast.  
The next morning the first thing on our agenda was WATER.  Then FOOD. 
We went to Waffle House and asked for a pitcher of water...
they didn't have pitchers, so we each ordered 2 glasses of water w/ lemon. 
The waitress then proceeded to get out their whole bowl of lemons and put it on our table. 
We were slightly "dumb" at the time and just kind of stared at them thinking
It was really funny, especially at the time...I picked out my lemons and sat there salivating over the need for a big drink of water!
  It felt like it took her 20 minutes to get us our drinks!

 I may have shared this pic earlier this week. 
This is our newest Christmas tree.  I wanted a "vintage" look for this one.
I love it.
I still don't have my other tree decorated. :/ Slow moving this year.

 This is what my living room looks like while I put out Christmas decor.  Christmas throws up all over my house, every year.  This year I've done it slowly, not all in one night.  It's so much work!

 EEKS...I got my 2013 calendar at work this week and the first thing I did was find my

 How precious is this guy?  My nephew, Zane. 
He loves to jump on trampolines!

 One of my "finds" at Garden Ridge. 
Ya'll...Garden Ridge stepped it UP this year in their Christmas department.
I don't know if you have a Garden Ridge in your city but if you do, I say GO!
They have about twice the amount of stuff that Hobby Lobby has and great prices.
I'm a Hobby Lobby girl, don't get me wrong
but I was supes impressed with the Ridge this year!
And, since most people don't know about all the treasures they have, they're not picked over yet like HL gets before December even hits!

 Would you look at that? 
You can't really tell from the pic but this wreath is GLITTERY! 
Who doesn't love some sparkles?
My mom got this wreath to go over her mantle at GARDEN RIDGE. Only $20 ya'll!
When I went to Garden Ridge I found one and just carried it around in my cart because I just knew that I could think of a place to put it. 
I ended up putting it back because I just really didn't need it. 
I cried a little.

 The Fiance and Zane playing on Thanksgiving. 
Zane loves his
The Fiance's beard used to make Zane cry when he younger. ha!

 This picture makes me laugh out loud.
The Fiance fluffing the Christmas tree last night.
He loves it, can't you tell?
He says he hates Christmas but I'm pretty sure that's a facade because I saw him dancing to Christmas music and at one point when an older Christmas song was playing he said "I need my tap shoes" and was pretending to tap.  He's so funny.  Just one of the many reason I love him!

 My SIL made me these wine glasses w/ the "A" on them. 
She used some type of etching cream or something.
I also love these glasses because they're HUGE...keeps me from having to go back for so many refills!

My Christmas mantle. 
Pretty sure I already shared this on the blog this week but it's pretty so I'm showing it off again!

These next pictures are from "Throw Back Thursday" (TBT).  My computer was stolen at the airport a few years ago and I lost ALL my pictures.  It was devastating.  I couldn't get out of bed for days.  They almost had me committed.  All those memories just gone!  Then I remembered...MYSPACE!  I had almost all my pictures on MySpace and I was able to get up, shower and move on with my life! 
Every Thursday I love to get on MySpace and pull some good, old pictures. 
They're not that old but at least 3 years old!  That counts, right?

 This is The Fiance and I in 2008.  Our first Winter together.
I was skinnier. :/  Motivation?
Why do men make us fat?  It's their fault, right?

 Me and my SIL one spring in the Texas Bluebonnets. 
That's our state flower, did you know?
I'll never take pictures in Bluebonnets again, nor will I take my kids pictures in them. 
The Fiance ruined that for me by telling me that Copper Head snakes LOVE to hide in Bluebonnet fields.
Snakes=My biggest fear.
So when I say this, I mean it.
  You'll never catch me in the Bluebonnets.
And you people that are crazy enough to get in them...well, you're crazy! ok?
My uncle got bit by a copper head that was in his flower bed. 
Then on Thanksgiving they try to tell me to get in their flower bed to take some "pretty pictures".
Uhm, ya'll must be on that good crack because ya'll cray!  I am not getting in that flower bed.
OK, I did but I was scared shitless and I mainly stood on a rock.
I bet my face looks scared in those pictures.

Yeah...totally went off topic there.

 Summer 2006 or 2007 - Me and these beautiful ladies took a van to Destin Florida
 and had the time of our lives! 
 Seriously, one of the best vacations, EVER!
How could it not be? 
 6 single chicks who meet a bunch of Air Force guys to show them around?
Yeah.  Awesome.

The Fiance and I the first time he took me to ride 4-wheelers.
It was a blast and I've been hooked ever since!
We talked last night about going to ride again soon...before we sell the 4-Wheeler.
Babies and 4-wheelers don't mix. 
Oh man...we're getting too grown up. 
I need to do something immature and fast.
I'm sure I'll take care of that this weekend! ;)

That's all for today, ya'll!!

Have a great and immature weekend! (thinking it must involve wine!)

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Enjoy...The Curvy Life.

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