Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Favorites!

Hi Ya'll

Happy FRICKIN Friday!  This week has been a long one and I'm so happy the weekend is upon us!

I'm linking up with The Bargain Blonde today for Friday Favorites.

First:  This little guy.  My nephew, Zane.  Cutest. Penguin. Ever.  I think I've said that about 100 times this Halloween...but seriously, look how cute he is!!  My SIL's mom made the costume for Zane from instructions found on Pinterest.  I found a pin to this exact costume here.  It was the perfect costume for him. Nice and warm, too!  He loves the feet and he wore the hat all night, no fuss!  He's the best baby! 

Second:  My baby girl, Sadie Mae.  She is the best cuddler!  (yes, my pj pants have Tinker Bell on them, no I don't have a clue where I got them but they sure are comfy!  Yes, there are make up stains all over them)

Third:  My new house shoes from Wal-Mart.  We have hard wood floors throughout the house plus our house is pier and beam, which means one thing....our house is COLD in the winter!  And we're cheap and refuse to turn on the heater until it's almost freezing.  I was wearing my Uggs around the house all the time but figured I should probably find a cheaper alternative and save my Uggs.  They're super comfy and cute too!  You can find them here.  They're only $14.97!  Score!

Fourth:  My "engagement" Christmas ornament!  My cousin/MOH got it for me and it's so cute!  I love the hot pink bow tie on the snow man!  Thanks, Jen!  I'm pretty sure she got him at Hobby Lobby! 

Fifth: My new "wine" glass that my SIL picked up for me at Kirklands!  It's like a classy way of drinking wine out of a plastic cup and straw!  Perfect for drinking on the patio or in the car on the way to dinner...someone else driving, of course!  So cute!  Thanks, Les!

Those are my favs today!

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Enjoy...The Curvy Life.


Helene said...

Your nephew's costume is sooo cute!! Found you through the Friday Faves!
Helene in Between

Stephanie said...

Wow your Nephew definitely is adorable. And that costume is too cute :)

I need to head to Kirklands to find that glass because it's right up my alley. It will make for great Christmas gifts too!

Michelle (michabella) said...

OMG! Those slippers are from WALMART?! LOVE THEM!

Brandy said...

That wine cup is like a sippy cup for adults!! Love it!!

Natalie Hames said...

That costume is the CUTEST thing! Found ya via Friday Faves