Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hi Ya'll!

Have ya'll seen the website Dog-Shaming?  I don't know if I've told ya'll but animal pictures with captions pretty much make my day. week. life.  They crack me UP!  I was introduced to the Dog Shaming Tumblr via The Chive...yes, I'm a Chivette, no, I don't send in pictures of myself half one wants to see that mess...except the Fiance.  Dog Shaming has since moved on to it's own website and is pure greatness.  Which is why I've dedicated my entire post today to pictures of shamed dogs....of course, this post wouldn't be right if I didn't shame my own dogs + my SIL (read more about her housewife adventures on her blog!) has shamed her German Shepard, so he gets to make an appearance, too!

I hope you are ready for some serious picture OVER-LOAD!  There are just too many good ones!!

First fur babies!

 Koopa, our 10ish year old Lab. 
He's a sweety but man, he can piss us off, too!

Sadie Mae, our 7 year old dachshund.
  She's neurotic to the core!
Yes...she really does masturbate and yes, it's disturbingly hilarious!

Nova is my bro and SIL's German Shepard.
He's more like the size of a horse but gentle as can be...
except when it comes to weed eaters!
Did anyone else used to think it was weedeader? Just a Texas thing?

The rest of these pics are from  If you're in need of a nice, "feel good" laugh...I suggest you visit this website daily! 

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 Enjoy....The Curvy Life!

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