Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday's Threads

Hi Ya'll! 

Happy Tuesday! 

It feels more like a Monday to me because I was off yesterday in observance of Veteran's Day!  Ahh, bank holidays really rock!

Sadly, I spent all day Sunday and Monday in my bed with a raging fever feeling very sorry for myself.  I just thought I was better and had way too much fun this weekend...only to pay dearly for it later.  I'm going to the doctor today to beg for shots and the "good" cough medicine....the kind with codeine!  Oh yeah! 

So, since I was sick most of the weekend and didn't work yesterday I only have two outfits to share and you're pretty damn lucky I have one for today because I wanted to come to work in my PJ's! 

First up is what I wore Saturday.  We took my cousin's cousin (haha, only in the south) who was turning 16 to lunch at a little Italian restaurant Coal Vines in Uptown Dallas and then to explore Downtown Dallas.  Lots of walking and shopping.  They've started their Christmas Decorations downtown...eeeks, it's getting clsoe!

 Top-Groovy's, a little boutique, Pants-Ross, Boots-Payless,
Necklace-Sam Moon, Watch-Sam Moon

 Earrings - Groovy's
I love the green w/ the leopard!

 Here's where I had too much fun and ended up in bed sick all weekend! 
It was a good time w/ friends, though!

Here's today's outfit.  Sick, at work.

 Dress-Ross, Tights-Wal-Mart, Boots-DSW, Necklace-The Gypsy Pearl

 I've talked about this store before.  They're at a flea market that comes to Canton, TX every "First Monday".  The Gypsy Pearl.  They have the cutest jewelry and clothes!
Tights - On clearance at Wal-Mart for like $3.50!
I have "sick eyes". 
At least I'm here and I even showered and put on make-up!

That's all for today, ya'll!  I'm not doing a link up for Tuesday's Threads because, 1) no one even linked up last week, 2) I'm too tired and crappy feeling to figure it out right now.

I am linking up for "Tell Me About It Tuesday"  & The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wed.

Helene in Between

OH, OH, OH....I almost forgot!  Ya'll better check back tomorrow because I will have an awesome giveaway starting!

Enjoy....The Curvy Life.


Helene said...

Love the outfits! especially the leopard and then tights!!! so adorable!

SimplyCallMeSylvia said...

I always hate using my sick days when I am actually sick lol so I think you lucked out on getting a holiday this week...just another way to look at it :-)