Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Time I Met Robert Pattinson

Hi Ya'll!

So with all the frenzy surrounding the final Twilight movie Breaking Dawn coming out, I thought I would share a little story about the time me and my best friend, Casey, met R-Patz.

Casey and I were a little obsessed with Twilight at the time.  We had read Twilight and, like every other woman/teen/grandmother that read the book, IN LOVE with Edward.  So what if we were 24 & 26, we didn't care! It was like teen angst had taken over our bodies!  We found out that "Edward" (R-Patz) was going to be doing a meet and greet at the Galleria Mall in Dallas.  We were determined that we would meet him, no matter what!  Because, of course, he would meet us, fall in love and we'd live happily ever after!  That's how it works, right?  Yeah, we had that same thought along with about 5000 other desperate teens/moms/20 somethings that reverted to teenagers for a second. 

We really had a lot going for us that day.  We were off because it was Veterans Day, I lived only minutes from the mall and we were possessed by 14 & 16 year old Casey & Heather.  Casey stayed the night with  me Wednesday night and we scoped out the area and even went to Hot Topic (where the meet and great was) to get deets on what would go down.  We didn't care how pathetic we looked!  Yeah, we were probably the oldest people in the store but it didn't matter.  We were about to fall in love! (Because you can share w/ your best friend, right?)  We found where we would park and went home to get a good nights rest because we had to be up at 3 a.m. to get a spot in line. 

That morning we woke up at 3 and threw on sweats and were out the door.  We got there about 3:15 a.m. and there was already lines of people.  We freaked!  How can there already be so many people here?  Don't these little teen shits have to go to school today?  Somehow we got in a line that put us right across the street from the mall entrance (we couldn't be on mall property until they opened the doors).  At first it was fun, we were giddy.  Then it started raining, HARD.  It was FREEZING and our clothes were soaking wet.  We didn't bring an umbrella or rain coats.  At one point we considered leaving but we stood our ground and suffered.  When the time finally came to make the trek across the street our hearts were beating fast.  This was it.  There were police officers everywhere.  There had been a trampling of girls at the previous mall event w/ Rob and they were taking every precaution to prevent that in Dallas.  Teenage girls are vicious, ya'll!  The cop told us that if we crossed the line he was holding out with his arms that we would be arrested!  Holy crap...they were not playing and I even saw a teenage girl get arrested!  We wanted to meet him but not enough to go to jail!  It was organized mayhem getting across the street and Casey and I were right behind that cop, not passing him because we knew he was our way in!  It pays off to follow the rules!  We were smarter than the average teen (of course, we should be, we were in our 20's!) You couldn't hear shit because all the teens were screaming.  Side note:Why do teen girls scream?  It's so ear piercing!   We made it to the mall entrance and we knew.  We had made it.  There was no way there were more than 250 girls in front of us.  They had 500 passes but each person got 2 passes each.  That meant we were getting 4 passes!  We considered selling them but we had already promised a lady that we met in line that we would give her 2 if we made it.  She had driven like 5 hours for this!  We called her and she was ecstatic!  It felt good to make someones day....maybe her life even!  

We were soaking wet but so excited!  We went back home and took a good nap so that we could look our best for Mr. Pattinson....our future husband! 

 This is the line of people waiting outside.  We were at the front.

 The crowd of people behind us after we made it across the street.

 These are the only people in front of us. 
We still talk about how LUCKY we were that day!

 This cop means serious business!  Don't pass him!

 Can you tell how excited we are? 
Yeah, I'm the "boy" in the pink Texas hat!

 Our numbers!  WE DID IT!!!

We went home, slept and then got dressed to meet R-Patz.
More lines.
We waited FOREVER and we were in heels because we had to look our best!

 It fulfilled all my teenage dreams! 
He was absolutely gorgeous in person AND...
ya'll, I shook his hand!  It was soft and perfect.

 There was a question and answer session after the meet and greet. 
It was madness. 
 Stupid teenage girls wouldn't shut up so that you could actually hear him. 

He tried to answer questions but you could tell he was totally overwhelmed but all the screaming. 
We ended up leaving.

So that's my story of how I met Robert Pattinson.  I had so much fun acting like a hormone crazed teenager!  I hung up the autographed poster inside my closet, just like 16 year old me would have done!  Have you ever met a celebrity and reverted to a teen girl?

Then...we saw Twilight in the theater and my Twilight obsession abruptly ended.  That was one of the most disappointing movies I have ever seen.  Yes, I've seen the rest of them, because, well, I just had to.  And I will say, they are better than the first one....but you ruin the first one and you ruin the series for me.  I am no longer a Twi-Hard.  I have put my teenage angst away and I now want to ravage Christian Grey!  It's better this way, he's legal.

Who do you think should play Christian in the movie?  I can't wait to see who they choose! 

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Hello - this is Emma from more! Magazine in London, and we're looking for some short quotes from people that have met Robert Pattinson to briefly describe your experience. Please let us know if we can use some text from your blog or if you would like to give us a separate quote, along with a picture of you (and Rob if you have one!) Please let us know, thanks!