Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

What I'm linking up w/ Jamie at "This Kind of Love" for What I'm Loving Wednesday (WILW)!

This is what I'm loving this beautiful Wednesday.....

I finally broke down and bought myself a pair of Toms and oh my...I'll never go back. 
They're Ah-MAZING!  If you don't have a pair...splurge on will not regret this!!!

 My BFF told me about the new Coach Poppy perfume and I'm LOVING it! 
I just want to smell myself all the time! :) HEHE!

 A staple in my on/off dieting world is gum and this Extra Sweet Watermelon gum is delish!!!

I made the decision to stop using tanning beds but I could not deal with being pasty white you could see my veins!  EW...and I can't afford to Mystic once a week so I decided to try an at home Spray Tan.  I'm IN.LOVE. with Neutrogena's MicroMist.  I use the Medium because I'm so fair skinned and I spray myself every other day before bed.  It's great too because I shower at night and  it doesn't really have that "fake tan smell" so I don't feel like I need another shower the next morning!  It's about $10 a can and I go through a week...still beats $40 for one mystic tan and sure beats being pasty!

 I am digging my Cat Eye Sunglasses I got at Target a few weeks ago.  I feel cool as a cat when I wear them! (Yeah, that last line was super cheesy...)

I'm LOVING My Honey and his wonderful sense of humor...this is us a few months back at an 80's party...he came up with his "80's Coach's" costume all by himself!!  Isn't he adorable??

So what are YOU loving this Beautiful Day?

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Lesley Ward said...

Im glad I got yall into TOMS :) LOL!

Heather Ward said...

Me too!!!

Beth McC. said...

Love this post and I just got some TOMS too and I love them!!!

Tash said...

Your blog is SO cute. I agree with the TOMS. I LOVE mine and won't ever go back. They are so comfy!!

Sarah said...

I love your blog! I'm a new follower, and I'll definitely be checking back! I love those TOMS. I've been wanting some for a while.

mel said...

I'm glad you made the TOMS mention. I've been going back and forth on buying a pair, and have hesitated because they don't look comfy to me. Guess I'll be getting myself a pair now. :)

Heather Ward said...

You will NOT regret getting TOMS, Mel! They are SO comfy!!!