Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Spring Ya'll!! So I made...

A YARN WREATH...I've seen these guys all over the blogging world and decided I just had to have one!!  Of course, I wasn't going to buy one...I wanted to MAKE my to Hobby Lobby I went...$124 later and a cart full of MUCH more than I went in for...I had the materials to make my new wreath and a couple of other can't live w/out items! I mean, I'm buying a house, people...Hobby Lobby is THE place!!

Any who....I took pictures of my adventure so that I could show anyone that hasn't seen a "how to" on this to....

Wrapping the Wreath

Find a random starting point and hot glue your yarn down

Start Wrapping..get ready, it takes awhile!

On to the felt flowers:

Find a couple of different size circles and trace onto felt

Cut out the circle, then cut around that in "waives"

Then begin to cut your circle in to one long will end up like this.  You'll have a little circle at the end, leave that, it will be the base of your flower.

Starting where you first started cutting (the "pointy" end), start to to roll, start out tight...the tighter you roll, the smaller your flower, the looser, the bigger and more "bloomed" your flower will look.

And here you go, finished flower.  I'm going to link up the tutorial I used b/c she's better at explaining than me! :)

Glue on flowers as you like...I also used buttons in the middle to add something extra and I added two little birds for SPRING!

 You can hang it straight from a wreath hanger or I found some Spring ribbon I loved and hung it from that.

Linking up with DIY Craft Projects because she explains the felt flowers so much better than me!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!


I like it, I love it! said...

It looks great! I gotta get on that wreath making thing!

Jodi Whisenhunt said...

Hi, Heather! That is so cute and looks pretty easy to make. Love it!

Thanks for linking up at Tiggerific Tuesday this week. You said you'd like to host sometime, so I will contact you via email to schedule it. Thanks!