Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Daydreaming of...A Hutch Re-Do & Paint Colors

So, my next big project (last was the baby shower that I have yet to post about) is PAINT...I have SEVERAL pieces I have picked up at estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, etc that are in major need of a paint job!  First up...my hutch that my momma (she's like the garage sale/estate sale queen) found for me for only $85!  I know I want to paint it but I am so "up in the air" on what color to paint it!  My mom thinks a light green and I'm kind of OK with that...but then a little part of me wants to paint it a creamy color with like a turquoise backing!  OOOOHHHH, AHHHHHH!  I know!  Or maybe a green/gray or maybe green with a cream backing...or maybe turquoise all over!  This is a big decision and I have NO clue what I'm going to do!

Here is the hutch...un painted...what a FABULOUS find for only EIGHTY FIVE bucks!  I know!!!!  I'll def be replacing those pulls, however, and that will cost me a little extra!

And here are a few inspiration pictures I've found online...mostly on Pinterest!  Oh, what to do.....

I love how they have left parts of this un-finished! 
It's so rustic...just love!

OK...I am like totally in love with this! 
I love the turquoise back...and the white dishes! 
But will I get tired of the turquoise...this is my inner struggle, people!

And then there's this green/blue color.  I really like this, like really!

Now this...see I can't really see myself getting tired of this. 
BUT, then again I think..it's just paint...why not go funky and change it in a few years if you want!

I sent this to my sister in law earlier...we both really like this too! 
Now THIS would be daring.  Could I do it?!?!

 Here's another with the turquoise back...I do really like it! 
And like I said...it can ALWAYS be painted over!

Now..if I'm going to play it safe...
I will most likely go with something like this! 
It's perfection!

Although...I'm really loving this...
green...gray...army green...whatever color it is, I like!
 Especially with all the white dishes!

So...now do you see my dilemma...what will I do?  I guess you'll have to stay tuned to find out!!

What color would YOU pick? 


Michal said...

Painting furniture is so fun and chic! Not to through another kink in your process but you could also paint pattern and design on it. Or you could find pretty papers to maybe put in the inset of the doors. I am an artist on the side of motherhood. I mostly paint canvas but furniture is so fun to paint as well! I did a sofa table to match a pair of green boots I have. Just an idea...like you said, as style and whimsy change you can always paint over it!

Lesley Ward said...

I think you should go with what you LOVE, yes you may get tired of the turquoise eventually but who doesn't get tired of the decor in their house and want a change in few years. Plus it IS just paint. If you plan on having turquoise elsewhere in your house do it! OR the second to last one. It speaks to me too!

isabella said...

you seem to favor the turquoise.I would do a light ivory.then the back inset turquoise.all in a distressed finish.paint over the pulls.you may like them after that.creamware dishes,maybe some big shells,and or pieces of coral. p.s. think about a dresser or buffet for the dining rm for linen,candles etc. storage