Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daydreamin of...Decorating a NEW Home!!

So, My Honey and I went house hunting this, what a stressful, yet exciting day!!  We found one house that we absolutely love and I think we may make an offer this week!!  We are SO excited and SO SCARED at the same time!!  Well, all this house hunting has got me daydreaming about how I will decorate my new home!  I am obsessed with all the decorator blogs and plan to get A LOT of ideas from them...I really don't know what my taste is yet...I love the "Cottage/Vintage/Country/Eclectic" look...however, I also like things to look "clean" and not cluttered.  Here are a few things I'm loving right now:

I LOVE the silhouette pictures!  You can see the whole before and after of this lovely dining room at Holly Mathis Interiors.  I'm not sure I'll have an actual dining room in my new home but if so, I would definitely like something like this!

These gray walls with the white plates just speak to me!!  I'm obsessed with gray walls right now...I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to paint my walls gray or convince My Honey that it's a good idea.  He would, however, love the white antlers on the table! :)  You can see this wonderful look at The Nester

I have an antique bed that I've had since I was a little girl...I want to do a room similar to this one!  LOVES it!!
Well...that's it for now!!  I can't wait to start going to garage sales and estate sales to pick up some unique things!!  One thing I've learned from my can make almost anything look better with a little paint!!
Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

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