Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday - Day 1

I know a lot you guys follow The Daybook fashion blog and every Thursday she does "Awkward and Awesome Thursday" as do 500 or so of her followers...and now me too....


Trying to start this post and having no clue what to write! HA!

Finding out my best friends mom has Breast Cancer - this is just devastating, not awkward!

Learning that the house we really wanted was not going to happen and having to accept that it just wasn't in God's will for us to have that house

Eating a bag of Weight Watcher's Dijon Pretzels and trying to work/type as I have Dijon sprinkles all over my hands...I think I could make a meal out of the crumbs in my keyboard!  GROSS!!

Getting done with that bag of WW's Dijon Pretzels and being so sad that I put the bag up to my mouth and pour the crumbs into my mouth but mostly all over the people at work stare at me..EMBARRASSING!!!

Coming to work thinking that I'm going to be swamped because Joni is now on Maternity Leave and being SLOW...uhm, not what I want or was expecting...I am excited to be super busy!

My Honey asking me on our drive home from San Antonio "How many points do you think those two bags of Chex Mix were?"  Uhm, doesn't he know better...I'm on VACATION...points do not exist on vacation!  DUH!

The fact that 3 of my "Awkward" are about food...yeah, the diet is in struggle mode this week...and has been for about 2 weeks...

The amount of spelling errors found while spell checking this post...seriously, Heather!!


Knowing that God has the power to heel Cathy, my best friends mom.

My Honey who was so positive and encouraging when we found out the house for us wasn't meant to be. 

My Honey telling me that he knows how much I want to lose weight so he's going to start working out with me every night and encouraging me to get fit.  Let's cross our fingers that this doesn't cause too many fights!  haha!  He won't accept my excuses like most people!

Looking at more houses online and seeing that there are still so many options out there.

Dreaming of all the ways I'll get to decorate my new home.

The hutch my mom found at an estate sale that was marked $200 and we got for $85!!  Not to mention the other great finds she got me!!  EEK...I just can't wait to start decorating!!!

Hobby Lobby...b/c it's Hobby Lobby and you can find just about anything you want 1/2 off every other

The BE-UTIFUL (yes, I know I spelled this wrong) weather we are experiencing here in Dallas today!  It's totally windows down weather and that is my favorite!!!

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Yvonne said...

Yeah for joining A&A!!!! :) I love reading everyone's each week!