Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daydreaming of...A Craft Room!

For all you crafters out there, I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about!  Who wouldn't love to have a room dedicated soley to crafting and making beautiful, fun, original works of art?!?!  I know I would!!  Especially when all I have right now is a "make-shift" crafting area...the dining room table!!  It takes a little bit of the joy out of crafting when you have to lug out everything...paper, scissors, die cuts, ribbon, the huge, not so light, Cricut Expression...and all the cartridges and what not that go with it!  THEN, when you're done, you get to put it all away just to drag it all back out a few days later!  Ugh...such a PAIN in the you know what...

So, as we're house hunting, I find myself selfishly leaning toward the houses with 4 bedrooms...just so I can turn one into my own little craft/office area!!  It's looking more and more like we'll be getting a 3 bedroom home and I guess I'm ok with that...I'll just have to choose, spare bedroom or craftroom...oh the decisions...and being somewhat practical I'll probably go with the spare bedroom. 

Until we make our final decision on a house and I know for sure if I'll be getting that desired craft room...I daydream and look at all the lovely craft room inspirations online!

Here's some deliciousness for you...

I'm loving the colors in this seems so "clean" and sophisticated...LOVE that table too!

I like the hutch in this one and how cute is that desk?
 This "MAKE" sign is just fabulous
 OK...this one is just perfection!  From the arched hutch to the green work station!  I'm totally digging it!
Love the old mannquin too!! 
 Since I may never get a craft room, I liked this craft closet...the wire organizers (I bet from the Container Store) are perfect because you could just roll all your stuff in and out!  And I'm such a sucker for organization!  I get butterflies in my tummy just thinking about The Container Store!
 How fancy is this old kitchen table!  LOVING IT!  And it would make a nice big work area and even better I bet it would clean up easy!!
 I'm loving the middle work stationin here!!  If you're like me, I need a HUGE craft area because I tend to "blow up" when I'm getting creative!! :)
 Ahhhh...The room is just so "clean" and organized!  Totally loving it!  I like to have all my mess "hidden" in cute baskets or what not.
Oh my, how cute is the old window w/ the "I Make Things" decal...I could SO make this w/ my Cricut!!  Love the table too!!

Well, I hope this made you have butterflies like it did me!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!


Tiffani Rose said...

I would love a craft room!! Plus think of all the shopping for all the crafty stuff to fill the room :)

Candace Stevenson said...

those rooms are quite lovely, indeed! I'm 100% jealous in fact

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