Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Ramblings + A RECIPE!

Hi Ya'll!

I keep thinking that today is Tuesday!  Those holidays always throw me off...but in a good way!  It's already hump day!  

First up I'm going to share one of my all time favorite recipes.  It's seriously the easiest thing to throw in the crock-pot on mornings you know you'll be home late...or you just don't want to cook that night!

It has no name...not that I know of.

We'll call it Taco Rotel Chicken!  Nice.

Are you ready to hear this?  All three ingredients are in the title.  MIND BLOWN? is what you do

Throw in a few chicken breasts (you pick, depending on how many you're feeding)
1 -2 Cans of Rotel...or more cans if you're making A LOT.  Like if you have 1000 kids or something!
A packet of Taco Seasoning
A couple of cans of water.  I mainly add the water because I know that it will be sitting there ALL day without any love and I don't want it to burn!

Put your crock-pot on low and head to work or wherever the day leads you!

I made mine into Chicken Fajitas tonight.  It was so dang good!!  Below is a list of the cals for EVERYTHING on my plate above...if you just do the chicken it's only 130 cals!   On nights I work out though, I eat more because my body needs it!  FUEL, ya'll!

 Speaking of working out...I've had several people ask me what Couch to 5k app I use.  See above.  It's free and does the job.  I don't have any love story to write about it.  I usually hate it when I'm running...simply because I am running and my shins feel like they're about to fall to pieces.  Fun times!
This beauty is on sale at Ulta!  $19!  What the what? SIGN ME UP!  I don't know when the sale ends but hurry because the other eye shadow box they had on sale was already sold out! I may have cried into my keyboard a little when I found out.
If it's already sold out...please don't hunt me down.  Sorry to have led you one...
I'm a tease...

Last random of today...spell check tried to change crockpot to crack that's nice.

Enjoy...the Curvy Life!

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