Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bridezilla? ME?

Hi Ya'll!

I'm been MIA for a few weeks.  I just..."lost that loving feeling" with blogging.  Also, I didn't have shit to talk about...

As you may or may not know...I am getting married on September 14! 
I'm so excited to have a day all about me marry the love of my life! 
Planning a wedding is seriously stressful.  I'm surprised that brides have any friends or family that still talk to them after the wedding is over.  I'm not going to lie, the sentence "this is MY wedding and this is how I want it" may have spit out of my mouth a few times.  My mom has only called me a bridezilla 1000 times a few times.

Something you may or may not know about me. 
I'm a control freak. 
I pretty much annoy everyone around me when it comes to planning something. 
Listen, you don't get the nickname "Shower Nazi" for nothing, people!

What makes a Control Freak Bridezilla?

Here's what, in my honest, controlling, crazy, bridezillay opinion:

1.      Emailing your bridesmaids 100 times with different dress ideas AFTER they've already tried on and picked out their a year before the wedding.
2.      Yelling to your SIL in the church where you're getting married "I don't care, this ISN'T YOUR WEDDING!" (Yes, this happened.  Sorry, Les.)
3.      Calling your mom 20 times a day with new and different ideas, driving her to take more Xanax
4.      Making 50 different spreadsheets and then not remembering what they're really for (I have like 5 different invite lists)
5.      Making a list for the wedding planner of what they're responsible for (really?  She does this for a living, surely she knows!)
6.      Making a list for yourself and your mom on "what needs to still be done" and "what we need to make"
7.      Planning your "pinterest wedding" well before you're engaged.  Like, after your second date.
8.      On list to florist about flowers, having a "FLOWERS I HATE" List.

Now, in  my defense, I'm also pretty laid back about some things.
I don't care how the girls wear their hair
Yeah...pretty much that's all.

Tell me.  Were you a controlling bridezilla?  Will my friends still love me when this is over?
I think some of them have already blocked me from their emails.


Jessica said...

First, congrats! I absolutely LOVE wedding planning! I completely understand the stress you are experiencing right now, but it's all worth it! I was never called a Bridezilla directly, but a few people told me to "breath" and one person told me I needed to lower my expectations. Good luck with your planning. I look forward to reading about it :)

Alicia Curley said...

Haha - congrats, of course! And I love this post because I can only imagine that's how I'll be some day. I'm a control freak too... Looking forward to hearing how your planning goes!