Saturday, January 19, 2013

EXCITING NEWS: Pretty Muddy!!

Hi Ya'll!

I have some exciting news to share with ya'll today!!

I have been asked to be an ambassador for the Pretty Muddy 5K on June 1 in Dallas and I could not be more excited!!!!  

What is the Pretty Muddy, you ask?  Here is a description taken straight from their website.

  • 5k Course (3.1 miles, run or walk)
  • Women Only (sorry, guys)
  • Mud (lots of it)
  • Architectural Obstacles (much better than shabby hay bales and shaky plywood)
  • Pretty Epic Finish Line Party (entertainment, music, drinks & celebration galore)

Is Pretty Muddy a timed event?

Nah. If you want to race the course, then we fully support that. You can take as much time out there as you like. If you love an obstacle and want to do it again – go for it!

What are the obstacles like?

The obstacles were built with “fun” being our number one objective. Some will challenge you a little, some might challenge you a lot – but we’ll be there every step of the way to help you through it.

Do I have to do every obstacle?

Of course not.  Every obstacle will have a sign showing you around it. Only do the ones you feel comfortable doing and don’t feel bad going around a few – this is your day, do what you want to do.

Is the whole course muddy?

No… unless of course it’s raining and then… who knows (but probably not)

Do I have to crawl through mud?

No, but then how will you be Pretty Muddy?

Sounds pretty fun, no?  You don't have to be super in shape or able to run, at all.  It's just a fun day to get together with your girlfriends and get muddy and maybe a little tipsy!  :) 
But WAIT...You haven't heard our team name yet (courtesy of my friend Emily)....You ready?
MUDterial Girls!!!
I just love the name.  And of course, we have to dress up and we have to dress up like Madonna, obv!

SO...who is with me?  You know you want to!  
Even if you don't want to be a MUDterial Girl, form your own awesome team and we'll hang out after!!  
Check out the website HERE!!  Use code GIRLTIME to get $20 off registration through January 31!!  Make sure you put MUDterial Girls as your team name if you want to be on my team.  We will be in the 11:45 heat.

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