Monday, February 4, 2013

LOVE is in the Air!

Hi Ya'll!

I don't know about you, but I love, love.  
Confession:  Before I found my true love I kind of hated love.  I thought it was way overrated and pretty much was jealous of hated anyone in love. 

Today I'm going to share the few Valentine's decorations I have out and the "love" part of my hall collage.  I don't really get that into Valentine's Day because, to be honest, it comes way too soon after Christmas and aint nobody got funds for that..but I still love to celebrate my love.  

Probably one of my fav decorations. My dining room table.
I used these at Christmas too w/ Christmas candy.
So fun!
The jars are from Kirklands-forever ago.
The tray is from a thrift store.
I got the vintage Valentine at an antique store in Frisco, TX-Frisco Mercantile

Entry decor.
The mirror was my great grandmother's and so special to me.

 My momma got me this sign at Home Goods. Love it!

Another vintage Valentine from an antique store.  

 It's not Valentine's Day without Cupid! 
I got this little guy at Frisco Mercantile.  LOVE that place!

When I moved into my house, I knew I wanted to do a hall collage like you see all over Pinterest!  Unfortunately, I had way too many pictures for the small hallway.  I had an idea for the remaining pictures...I made a "love" wall.  I had pictures of our grandparents and us in loving embraces.  It was perfect and so meaningful. 

My hallway is small and skinny...getting a good, straight on picture is impossible!

 My maternal grandparents - Moner & Granddaddy.  
I love, love, love this picture.
My grandmother has this on her dresser mirror to this day.

 The Fiance's grandparents - Granny and Pawpaw.
It's hard to tell from this picture of the picture but they are gazing so lovingly at each other.

 The Fiance and I at a friends wedding.
Someone caught this picture of us and I love it!

 My fraternal grandparents - Grandmother and Granddaddy.

So, do you love Valentine's Day and just LOVE in general or do you hate it?

Enjoy...the Curvy Life.


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Rachel Silski said...

I never decorate for V-Day but I love yours! Makes me want to!