Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What a Weekend!

Hi Ya'll!

My three day weekend has come to an end and for that I'm very, very sad!  The Fiance is just not quite convinced yet that I would make a great "Stay at home fiance".  *sigh* so back to work I go.

Here's my weekend wrap up....

Friday night we kept my cousin's 2 babies...their weeny babies.
We had 3 weenies and a lab and it was like a circus!
A fun, loving circus.
Just imagine 3 wieners are all trying to get in your face at once.  HA.
Bad joke.

 I got all of my Valentine's Day decor out.
My momma got me some cute stuff at Home Goods, too!
Love that store!
I did a super neat trick I learned awhile back from Pinterest on my burners.  
You can see my original post on it HERE.
I love having a gas stove but man, they get dirty and are impossible to get clean. 
But not with this trick!

 Daydreaming about this amazing bathtub turned into a lifesaver for my house.  
My cousin, Jeremy is a plumber and I was texting him Saturday night about how my bath water was turning brown.  Lucky for me, he came over that night and discovered that my hot water heater was about to bust.  Like, it was already leaking disgusting brown water.  He said we would have either woke up or come home to a flooded house on Sunday.  Fun.  NOT!  Thank GOD he came over that night and thank GOD I was dreaming about a new tub with out gross brown water
and thank GOD we have 2 hot water heaters and a shower that uses the other hot water heater!  If anyone would like to make donations to our new hot water heater, I'm all for it!

 Sunday I participated in "Funday Sunday".  I never go because I have to work on Monday's or I'm too hungover from Saturday or both.  (We always have one of these pics where he looks like he hates me! HA!)
 I don't give a crap about football, to be honest.  It was just a fun excuse to dress cute and have a few beers with the Fiance. 
Convo between me and Emily:
ME:  I think everyone in here is going for the red team.
Emily: Oh, ok.  Who are they?  
ME:  I don't know, Atlantaaaa
<We both look at each other so proud of knowing the team name by state!>
ME: YES. and up next is the Baaaaltimorrrrrre.....RAVENS?
<more proud looks>
I honestly have no idea who won that second game, therefore, I don't know who's in the Superbowl.
I do know this.  I will be watching the Superbowl but again, only as a reason to dress cute and have beers with the Fiance.

I sure do love this man!  
Even if it takes about 5 pictures to get him to act normal. 
(IE. Not licking me or acting super pissed off.)

Back to the gym and WAR on my Weight this week.  You will most definitely hear more griping from me this week!!  Follow me on My Fitness Pal!  User hmw0250,

Enjoy...The Curvy Life.

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Stacey R said...

Heather, I found your blog this morning when I was searching for Alice in Wonderland bridal shower ideas (actually, I'm planning an UNshower for a bride in her mid-40s). I had to stop and add a comment on your latest post so I could tell you I think you are adorable and hilarious. Best wishes for success with your fitness goals. I know I successfully used the mantra "Big, white dress. Big, white dress" as a motivator when I was getting in shape for my own wedding. Whatever works, right? I should follow your lead and wage a WAR of my own since the pounds are back 2.5 years later. Bummer since maintaining a healthy weight would have been so much easier than losing it all over again!

By the way, you might check out this althletico.com article for ideas about the shin splints:


The paragraph titled "Alphabets" describes a method that totally worked for me when I did Couch to 5K a few years ago. An Advil in the mornings and plenty of water were also helpful.

I've added your blog to my iPads's Flipboard, so I'll be following your bride-to-be adventures and cheering you on. Rock on, sister!