Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Thoughts + WAR: Day 3

Hi Ya'll!

Let's start with my random thoughts for the week.
I got a "journal" to keep with me so that I can try and capture these genius crazy thoughts throughout the week.  We'll see how it goes.

1) Why does Arnold Schwarzenegger still have such a thick accent?  He's been in America since before I was born, I think.

2) How does Pinterest make money?  Don't get me wrong, I love that you're not inundated with ad pop ups...but how?

3) Flo from progressive is totally type-cast.  I hope she has a good, good contract.

4) Why, why, why were there cookies in the break room today?  There is NEVER food in there when I can eat it!!!

Told you, random.

On to Day 3 of the War that I've declared on my fat!  

I made it through my second work-out.  
I almost puked. 
I get the worst shin splints and I'm a huge baby the pain is awful!
I really don't know why I get them.  I would say it's because my poor little legs can't handle  the weight...but I've gotten them sine I was a 95 pound cheerleader.  
Anyone an expert on shin splints?  
I have googled the shit out of them and nothing I try helps.  
I have bought new shoes, I do stretches, I ice, I heat, I cry....
I even wear these lovely compression sleeves...which I haven't decided if they help or hinder...

SO, once again, was hard as f&ck at the gym.  
I'm pretty sure that you're going to hear me bitching for the next few weeks.  
You can take it one way or another...either take it as "thank God, she is struggling too" or "I wish this bitch would hurry up and get in shape so I don't have to hear about how much the gym sucks."  

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Staci said...

I always wonder how Pinterest makes money too! I actually Googled it & apparently they just have tons of investors who fund right now. I think eventually they'll move more toward a branding model like how Twitter has sponsored ads.

Oh & as for Flo- I know she's at least been on an episode of Mad Men. I spent the entire show trying to figure out how I knew her!