Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Story

Hi ya'll!  Since I recently shared with ya'll that I am ENGAGED, I decided it was time to share our story.  To me, it's a pretty romantic, cool story! 
My Honey and I met in 6th grade when he moved to Forney. 
I didn't like him.  He had this slicked back hair with shaved sides and I thought he was "thug" and that just was not my taste.  I was more into the buzz cut, polo wearing boys.  He was mean.  He says I was the mean one.  I probably was because deep down I liked him but I couldn't let him or anyone else know.  I am the girl that is mean to boys she likes...because I don't have a bone in my body that knows how to flirt! 
Fast forward to the summer after 6th grade.  He got some style that summer.  Grant it, it still wasn't my style.  Now he was wearing cowboy boots and wranglers (and he has a cute butt).  I was still smitten.  But he didn't feel the same.  He was popular with the ladies though.  I think he dated every one of my friends.  I wanted to date him.  We might have kissed a couple of times in a game of spin the bottle but that was it.  He tells me that he was in love with me from the first day he saw me in 6th grade and that we never dated because I was mean to him.  Well, I guess around 8th grade I got over liking him so I quit being mean....and wouldn't you know it..he wanted to "go with me".  My mom always said "where are ya'll going?"  haha.  I think, in my old age, I've made a comment like that to a teenager or two.  Who have I become?  Where is the cool me? I'm sorry...I've gotten off subject. 
SO, he liked me and so I liked him.  We "went together" for a while.  I honestly can't remember but it was probably on a couple of months, if that.  FOREVER for 8th grade!  The first movie we saw together was Fear and I remember it because we made out.  Shhh....never tell my dad and mom!  Isn't that the only reason you went to the movies in 8th grade?  Tell me otherwise and I call you a liar!  Even the "good" girls made out in the privacy of the back row of a movie theater!  We broke up at some point and he started dating all my friends again and I dated a few of his.  Again, small town, it's just what you do.  When we went into high school I was way "too cool" for boys my age so Stephen got shunned.  He said he remembers being in gym with me and that he would get so jealous because I would be talking about all the "senior boys" and how cute they were.  He ended up moving to another school that same year but we kept in touch because his mom lived in Forney.  He was bff's with one of my bff's since like kindergarten, Brittany.  I was always in the know on him because of Britt.  He dated lots of girls and I always hated them.  He hated all my boyfriends too.  How did we not know then?  Move along to our junior year of high school and we decided to give it another shot.  He was a track star and much too focused on getting a scholarship than having a girlfriend.  We did go to prom together that year and I have some priceless pictures from that night.  But it just wasn't the right time.  He broke up with me and I was devastated.  It was so sad the day at school when I got my prom pictures back.  And my mom made me drive to his mom's house to give her the ones she had ordered.  I wanted to burn them! After I got over my heart break we decided that we were just better off as friends and through our senior year and first years of college we just hung out whenever we saw each other.  Then he asked me on a date.  I agreed and we went to Dave and Busters.  We were both 21 at this point so drinking ensued and we had a really great time.  The next morning he tells me that he's not over his ex and I was hurt.  I vowed I would never give him another chance and I didn't talk to him for YEARS!  I didn't speak to him until the day I found out that his step dad had died unexpetantly. I called my friend Brittany who I knew would have his number and asked her for it.  I called him.  It was awkward.  I told him how sorry I was and that I would be at Ken's funeral.  Britt and I went to the funeral that Saturday.  It was so sad.  I briefly said hello to him and his family and then we left to let the family grieve in privacy.  I had a Christmas party that night.  I got drunk.  I drunk dialed him.  I asked him if he could hang out (who does that at 12:00 am?  me!).  My SIL and I drove to pick him up.  I remember like yesterday, Kings of Leon had just hit the airwaves and I was obsessed.  Closer was playing...or blaring, depends on if you're drunk or not. :0  We went back to the Christmas party and hung out until all hours of the night.  We agreed to go on a date.  I lived in Dallas at the time and well, my Honey doesnt' like to leave Forney, ever!  But he drove to Dallas and picked me up and we ate at Ghengis Grill.  We both knew after that first date that we were in trouble!  The rest is history!!
Now...for what we all really love...PICTURES!!!

 This is right after we started dating for the "final" time.
 Our first St. Patty's on Lower Greenville together.
 Our first trip and airplane trip together.  PLAYA baby!!!
 Our first New Year's together. 
NYE w/ him is rare, he's usually hunting but he stayed home this year for me!
 Our first "Texas Hill Country" road trip.  Fredericksburg, Texas
 One of the MANY reasons I love him. 
His sense of humor. Alan from the Hangover.
 Also, his sense of style! ha!
 He goes along with silly parties, like Ugly Christmas Sweater parties.
 He's an avid hunter.  Here he is with what he calls a "little" 8 pointer he killed last year.
 He loves to piss me off by not smiling in pictures.
 or by cheesing really big!
This is what he and a friend wore to a WEDDING!  He's funny, I tell you!
Aww, getting ready for JR. Prom! So young!!

Well, that's it!  That's our story!  We're getting married on September 14, 2013 and I can't freaking wait!!

Enjoy....the Curvy Life!

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