Friday, October 26, 2012

New Blog + The State Fair of Texas

Hi Ya'll!!

HAPPY FREAKING FRIDAY!  Has this been the longest week or what? 

So I know I mentioned my new blog design in my post yesterday but I forgot to can now stalk follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram!

Twitter is fun. I love to "live tweet" when I watch the X Factor and sometimes other shows!  I post lots of goofy pictures on Instagram & pin a lot of awesome ideas on Pinterest! Especially wedding stuff!  How did anyone plan a wedding before Pinterest?
You can follow me on all these by going over to the right side of my blog
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Next Up....we visited the State Fair of Texas this past weekend.  It was my nephew Zane's first visit and he had so much fun.  He loved the people watching!!

We tried lots of the fried foods the fair is famous for!

Here's a list:

Fried cookie dough (meh, it was just ok)
Fried butter (really good!)
Fried Biscuits and Gravy (not great, the gravy wasn't warm in the middle)
Texas Tater Twisters w/ cheese and Cajun season (Best thing we had!)
Fletcher's Corny Dog (you can't go to the fair and not get one!)

And now for some pictures of all the fun we had!!

 Zane's all ready to go in his Radio Flyer! 

 My Honey is seriously scared of Ostriches. 
They are pretty creepy!  He looks like he's been possessed in this pic!

 My bro and SIL. 

 Their sweet little family! 
Zane was much too distracted to take a picture!

 My daddy and momma!
The best parents. EVER.

 Ferris Wheel!

 My Honey and Lesley (the dare devils of the group)
They're about to go on the scariest ride at the fair!

 Zane's first carousel ride. 
I totes photobombed!

 They're cray!

My daddy with his huge cotton candy!

 Lesley and Zane on the carousel.

Me and my Honey

Happy Friday Ya'll!  Don't forget to follow me at the top of my page!

Enjoy....The Curvy Life.

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