Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our "Media" Room--FINALLY!

Hi Ya'll! 

We moved into our house last July and we literally had it decorated that first weekend...all except the room that we deemed the "media room".  Is it really a media room?  Not even close but it is the room we decided to put the biggest TV in and the room we decided to decorate with "movie" decor.  So "media room" may be a stretch but that's just what we're calling it.  Deal.

One weekend we had my family over for dinner.  For some reason the media room is just the room that everyone gravitates toward when they come over.  We were sitting in there looking at all the bare walls and all the decorations on the floor that I had purchased but never hung and my SIL was like "let's hang this shit up!  I'm tired of looking at it on the floor every time I come over to work out!"  So I got my handy little tool box and we got to hammering!  In an hour the room transformed into an actual ROOM, rather than the place we put junk when we didn't want to deal with it! 

I'm so excited to share the pictures.  It's my favorite room in our house.  It is so cozy!!

 The wall paper was already there.  Eventually I want to strip the paper off and paint the walls a dark navy blue!

 I got this bookshelf off of a Facebook "exchange" site for only $5.  I was going to paint it to match the other furniture but when I put it in the room I really loved the darkness and warmth it brought.

 I found this dresser at a garage sale.  It was an ugly brown.  We decided that a creamy white would really look great and pop against the dark walls!  I absolutely LOVE it!

 I also got the night stand that went with the dresser and painted it as well.  It works great as an end table!  The lamp is from Dollar General and the pillows are from Wal-Mart.  I'm all about a bargain, ya'll!

 My dogs not possessed, I swear!

 I purchased all of my "movie" decor, minus the poster, from the same Facebook exchange.  I think I paid $20 for everything!  It was a steal, for sure!

 My dad found this old popcorn box at a garage sale or antique store for a quarter, I think!  It's the prefect touch!

 The couple we bought our house from gave us this plant when we moved in.  Thank goodness my Honey waters it because I would have killed it by now!  The little "telephone table" I got at a garage sale years ago.

 Me and the BFF in HOLLYWOOD - ca. 2004 and about 30 lbs lighter!

We were lucky, these lights were here when we bought the house!  Perfect for a "media" room!

I never realized how much warmth a bookshelf could bring to a room.  I should have know since I love to read!  That cute little typewriter is actually something we purchased for my wedding but decided it was just too cute to store for a year!  I found a typewriter font on my computer and typed up some of our favorite movie quotes!
I got the "pottery barn looking" basket at TJ Max and the globes are from Kirklands.  I love the pop of blue it adds!

Well, there's a look at my favorite room in the house! Our "Media" room!

Enjoy....The Curvy Life!

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Louisa Hemstreet said...

Wow, you did a great job in designing your media room! I love the movie designs and your TV. Is that LCD or LED? We have an LED at home, also mounted on the wall. They call it a smart TV, as you can connect it to the internet and other devices that you have.

Louisa Hemstreet