Monday, January 24, 2011

Long Time, No Post

I'm baaaccckkkkkk....I'll be honest, I haven't felt like blogging lately...I'm already bored with dieting!!  Big surprise...there's nothing exciting about dieting!!  Although I'm bored, I'm sticking to this!!!  Here's what's getting me through:

  •  YOU...whoever's reading this...I feel like if I don't stick to it that I've just been "all talk" once again...I'm really good at being all talk and never succeeding!  I've honestly NEVER been successful at losing more than 10 pounds and I really, really want this time to be different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  REALLY!!!!!! 
  • Going to the WW's meetings!  There is another person actually seeing my weight...not just me naked in the bathroom making excuses that the scale is probably broken!
  • The birth of my nephew Zane...I want to be able to get down on the floor and play with him without feeling uncomfortable and having a hard time getting up.
  •  LAST but certainly NOT least...MYSELF.  I want to look good in anything I put on...I want to look good in almost every picture I take...even the "candid" ones!!!  That may be vain...but it's the truth and I'm stickin to it!
I went to my second WW's meeting last week and boy was I nervous...I hadn't been great over the weekend and I was afraid that my "time" of the month would hurt me even more...but to my surprise, I had lost 1.2 lbs!!  I wanted to reach over the counter and hug the sweet lady that took my weight!! 

A new snack (for me) that is really saving me is frozen fruit with a package of Splenda!! YUM, YUM, YUM!!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!


Tiffani Rose said...

You can do it!!! I know it is hard, but keep it up. I love frozen fruit too!!

Kimberly said...

That's awesome, Heather! Keep up the great work! I never could make myself go to the WW meetings, but they had such a wonderful plan.