Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's ON!

As of today I'm officially a member of Weight Watchers!  My joining was delayed by that stupid stomach bug last week.  I joined at a location in Frisco, TX so that I can go on my lunch break.  I figure that this way I won't make up excuses as to why I can't go after work.  Anyone who has ever worked out with me knows how good I am with coming up with excuses!  I think I could write a book of lie!! It's not something I'm proud of! 

For years I've "done" WW's but not gone to meetings...let me tell you...the meetings are KEY to success!!  They give you that weekly boost and encouragement you need when dieting.  A guy friend asked me today "why do you have to go to meetings, can't you just do that online?"  my answer.."Yes, you can do it online but it's nice to go sit in the room w/ other overweight, hungry people and share different ways to succeed!"  The great part about the meetings is that every single person there knows what you're going through, knows the struggles and what it's like to step on the scale and want to throw on the nearest pair of sweat pants and drive through Dairy Queen for the biggest Blizzard they sale!  Another great reason to go to meetings is you stay updated on everything new with WW's.  For instance, they have a brand new "Points Plus" program.  In one word it is amAzing!!!  It encourages you to make healthier choices rather than whatever is lower in points.  On the old program you had to use points to eat fruit...not anymore!!  All fresh fruits are ZERO...yes, you read that right, ZERO points!!!  On the old plan I was hungry A LOT...not now!  When I get hungry I grab an apple or orange...craving satisfied!  I encourage anyone that is following the WW's plan to find your nearest meeting.  You can join for $13 a week or $40 a month--with this one you get free E-Tools which gives you access to the iPhone app and recipes, etc online!  This link will take you to the meeting finder:

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

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