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ATTACK-The Dukan Diet Phase 1

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I haven't posted in awhile (this seems to be a recurring theme...sorry!).  I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and are off to a great new year!! 
CONFESSION #1: I'm ashamed.  I created this blog last year b/c I "was going to lose weight and get healthy!!"  I believe my first post was titled "New Year, New Me". Yeah, well, what had happened was this thing called life got in my way and...ok, ok, not really, I was just lazy and very, very un-self disciplined!!  I ended up weighing the most I have ever in my life at the end of 2011!  WHAT?!?!  That sure wasn't what my blog was created for!  I did manage to post some cute crafts and other stuff!  That works...right?  WRONG!  While I absolutely love posting my crafts and WILW and A&A Thursday that is not what my first intention for this blog was.  It has morphed into more and I love that...but I want to also become, you know, less curvy....and it would be awesome if I was motivation to at least 1 person along the way!
CONFESSION #2:  I'm scared that I'll jinx myself by posting about my recent success (8 lb loss in a week!! Go me!!).  I'm not an overly superstitious person but I am enough to be nervous.  Regardless, I'm proud of what I've accomplished and I'm going to share it, damn it!

So here is the start of my story...I hope to post weekly on my diet and any successes or trials I run into.

I had it all planned out that starting January 3(I was off the 2nd so I gave myself one more day) I was going to start a low calorie diet and hit the gym 4 days a week.  I wasn't excited.  Low calorie diets work great for some people...I'm not really one of those people.  My theory- I'm not self disciplined enough for a "free" diet.  I need a diet that tells me exactly what I can eat and how much.  I've been successful before on Weight Watchers but I always end up quiting...you know why?  Because you can drink alcohol on WW's if you have enough points.  You know what that always leads to for me?  A drive thru Taco Bell at 12 am followed by a day full of greasy foods to cure my hangover!  Not really the recipe to success for someone trying to lose 40 lbs!  My best friend is getting married in May and was starting a diet called "The Dukan Diet".  I was highly sceptical at first.  I knew it involved low carbs and my mind fat brain said "ha, you're joking, right? you + no carbs = starvation!"  She asked me to at least just read into it and think about trying it with her, after all, Kate Middleton did it before her wedding!  So, with a lot of doubt I bought the bookI was immediately intrigued.  Not because the book was just so interesting!  What diet book is?  But because even though it was days of pure protein it seemed doable.  I don't know what made me think it was but something did, probably God saying "you are destroying your body, your temple.  This could help you!"  So my low calorie diet went out the window and in came the Dukan Diet!  It's been one week since I started the diet and I've lost 8 lbs!  In. a. week.  Unfathomable!  Have I starved, no!  Have I been a bit crabby from no carbs, maybe!  Are my cravings mostly gone, most definitely!  I've been posting on Facebook since I started about the diet and I've had several people ask me what I'm doing.  SO...for all of you wanting to know...here's my opinions and tips on the Dukan Diet....

First and foremost - BUY THE BOOKIt's like $14 and worth it!  I bought the iBook but I want a hard copy so that I can be old fashioned and highlight and put tabs on my favorite pages! Don't judge!

Second - be prepared...
1) To make a grocery list before you head to the store!
2) To spend more on groceries than you probably have been.  If you were like me and shopped in the "boxed" food sections, aka the isles, at the grocery store, you're in for a little bit of a price change on your groceries.  I'm sure you've heard before that you should only shop the perimeter of the grocery store.  Well, on this diet that's the only place you'll shop!  The only isles I go down are the coffee and spices isle!  Crazy, right?  I never even get in my pantry except for spices and to throw trash away!
3) To be in your kitchen, a lot!  Some of my friends that are doing the diet cook all their meat on Sunday for the week.  This is so smart.  I'm so lazy on Sundays and I haven't mastered this yet. I come home and cook my dinner and lunch for the next day.  I'm not in the kitchen all night, but I am in there much more than before!
4) To set aside 30 minutes a day to walk.  Yep, just walk.  You can always do more if you like but I wouldn't recommend much more during your "Attack" Phase.
5) To drink at least 1.5 quarts of water a day.
6)To maybe be a little crabby and "dumb" for the first few days.  For instance, I got all the way to the door at Half Price Books before I realized that I didn't have my car keys...walk back to my car...it's STILL RUNNING!  My mind was so simple that day!  No carbs makes for a crazy Heather!

NOW...for the most important part, to me, at least...WHAT YOU CAN EAT!

As I said before, read the book!  I'm not going to list out all the foods that are allowed in the attack phase, cruise phase, etc, etc....but I will tell you what I've been eating the past week!  I even have some pictures...they're by no means pretty pictures of food like you see on most blogs.  I was lucky to take a picture before my mouth ate everything on my plate, ok?  I believe some pics may even have partial eaten food....deal!

My Attack Phase was 7 days.  The more you have to lose the more your attack phase is.  I want to lose 47 lbs so mine was longer than any of my other friends.  Aren't I the lucky one?

During Attack you can only have protein and 1 1/2 tbs of Oat Bran (I can only find at Whole Foods or Sprouts so far...)  Dr. Dukan gives a great recipe in the book for a galette (<--click for recipe) to cook your Oat Bran in.  I highly recommend this!  I tried it in my yogurt...I'm a texture person and I couldn't do it!

OK, ok...without further adieu...pics of food!

Turkey Sausage cooked in a skillet w/ onions and a egg and yogurt omelet.

Meat Roll-Up.  Ham, Turkey and Chicken deli meat
rolled up with a pickle and some honey mustard. YUM!

Here's a picture of the galette and scrambled eggs. 
It has fat free cream cheese on top and I season mine with cinnamon and Splenda. 
A great breakfast or after dinner snack!

Turkey burgers with honey mustard.
So freaking good!

Here's a list of a few other things I've had:

Chicken Breast
Hard Boiled Eggs
Fat Free Greek Yogurt w/ Splenda
Sugar Free Jello
Dukan Meat Loaf

This website has been a life safer for me
she has a ton of wonderful, creative recipes!

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