Saturday, January 14, 2012

It Was A Pinterest Christmas!

I'm sure many of you are a lot like me and have been bitten by the Pinterest bug...or have a Pinterest Addiction!  This year we were on a major budget due to buying our first home this summer.  PINTEREST TO THE RESCUE!  I was able to make so many great gifts for a fraction of the price I would normally spend!!  We even did a "DIY-Pinterest Style" Chinese gift exchange at one of my family Christmas' didn't have to make something but you could! It was fun!! I'm bad about taking before and during pictures....but most of the things I made are self explanatory or I'll try and explain!  Get ready to enjoy lots of pictures...or eye candy, as I like to call it!

I really wanted to do something for all the guys at work but knew I couldn't afford much.  I the idea on Pinterest of putting Chex Mix in a jar.  I changed it up a little and found these cute containers at Hobby Lobby.  They were around $3 each.  And I just followed the Chex Mix recipe on the Chex box.  The only changes I made were adding Cheez-It's and a little extra butter and soy sauce!  I must say, it was delish!

I didn't see this on Pinterest but I was at HL (Hobby Lobby) getting supplies for something I did and I got the idea.  It was just a raw wood frame and HL had these cute Christmas cut-outs.  My friend Stacie had mentioned she didn't have a frame for her son Seven's first Christmas w/ Santa, so I decided to make her one!  I just added glitter to the cut-outs.  Spay painted the frame w/ Chalboard paint and used some scrapbook letters for his name.  It turned out so cute!

For my families "Chinese Christmas" we decided to make it fun and have it be DIY if you wanted.  I had gotten this frame from a garage sale...for FREE and I knew exactly what I would do with it...make it into a chalkboard, of course!  It was gold so I spray painted the frame cream and then took some brown paint we had and dry brushed it to show more of the detail on the frame.  I seriously got a steal on this frame!  People pay big bucks for frames that are this detailed and intricate! I took the glass out and sprayed 2 coats of chalkboard paint on it and wha-laa, it was complete and freaking adorable!!  I added colored chalk and a white chalk pen so that whoever won would be ready to start writing on their new board!

Here you can see some of the detail on the board

Isn't the detail beautiful?

My girlfriends and I had decided not to do Christmas gifts this year but when I saw this printout and idea on Pinterest I knew I had to make it! 
Link here
 It's a pair of tall socks from Target $2.50 each and a colorful nail polish, $1.99 each! 
 For my 3 bestest girls I added these cute shoe ornaments I found at Macy's for 60% off! 

This was a big one I saw all over Pinterest...the ornament wreath!  I originally made it for my Honey's families Chinese Christmas but we ended up not doing my mom got lucky and I gave it to her!  The flashiness of the glitter never shows through like I wish it would...but it turned out fab!
Pinterest Link here

SUGAR SCRUB!  I made these for several special ladies in my life!  It's just brown sugar, olive oil, vitamin E oil and scented oil to get rid of the olive oil scent!  Did you know that HL sells all kinds of scents and oil for making soaps, scrubs, etc?  I found that out while making this!  Awesome!  Jars are from HL, too, of course!
Link here to where I got the recipe.

This little charm right here...I made all for myself!  I got this at the same garage sale as the other frame!  It was gold, as well...but not after a little red spray paint!  I had the perfect place for it in my kitchen!  When there's not a holiday it will keep our grocery list! mom and I made this together for her to give as her Chinese Christmas gift! (I won it, btw! ha!).  We took a piece of board purchased from HL and had my dad cut it into squares.  Then we took scrapbook paper and Mod Podged the scrapbook paper on the board.  I used my Cricut to cut out the cream paper you see and then the "lacy" looking paper.  The "J" and "Y" letters were actually metal letters from HL that we mod podged glitter paper onto.  The "O" is a doily purchased on the baking isle at HL.  Then we added a few other embellishments like ribbon and glitter paint! 
Once again...the fabulousness of the glitter doesn't show in these pictures!  It's really great in person!!
 It was so fun to make!

Well....that's my "Pinterest Christmas" list.  I know, it's like January 14...I'm posting this way late! 

Enjoy....the Curvy Life!

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