Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Ok....

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Here goes...

It's OK...

That I really wish today was Friday even though it's only a 4 day week to begin with!

That I'm excited to do NOTHING on Saturday besides clean and put up my Fall decorations!

That I didn't start running AGAIN this week it's happening b/c I am starting a challenge at work and I'm the team captain...the captain can't fail!

That I drank almost a bottle of wine last night...I live in TX and the weather has finally gotten "patio" I sat outside and relaxed with a few glasses while my Honey cooked steaks!  YUM!

That even though I have a new house that I love, I still daydream about what I can do to make it even better!

That I don't have enough funds to do the above just yet!

That I'm probably going to sit out on my patio again tonight and have a few more glasses of starts next week...gotta live it up!

That I don't take very good pictures.  I want to be one of "those" people that takes great pictures of their home and blogs about it and has a million followers...I've come to terms with the fact that it's never gonna happen!  And it's OK! :)

Enjoy....The Curvy Life!



Tiffani Rose said...

I am loving the weather too!!
Your house is amazing! I do, however, think everyone thinks about what they can change!
I want to take great photos also!!

Michal said...

You have way more followers than me so see, you look to the 100+, I look to the 50+ and maybe someone looks at my blog and just thinks they wished they blogged at all.