Friday, June 14, 2013

I 3 Months!

Hi Ya'll! 

So today is June 14, which means that in exactly 3 months I will be marrying my honey!  I will not bore you will my wedding's going good.  Good enough that I haven't had a xanax in about 2 weeks...actually, my prescription is out and I don't want to go to the doctor...

My honey is seriously O-VER the wedding planning crap.  He finds it all pretty ridiculous and wishes we would have eloped.  I'm kind of right there with him...until I remember that I LOVE to plan stuff and stress myself out beyond sanity!  What girl doesn't? 

Here's the thing, I was never that girl who dreamt of her wedding day and all that crap.  Honestly, around 26 I had given up on marriage and figured I'd just adopt a few cats and be on my merry way to being the crazy cat lady. 

Then Pinterest came along and my dream wedding began...much, much before marriage had ever even entered in my honey's mind...oh, and of course, my honey came along and that helped with the dream wedding planning...I could actually see someone at the end of the aisle, where before it was a blurr...usually a tall man in a gray suit, kind of  honey's not tall.  I had it wrong.

One thing that really kind of irks me is that I have wanted my bridesmaids to wear navy blue for about 4 years.  Like, before Pinterest.  Now all these girls are all "oh, my girls are wearing navy and it's so cute...blah, blah, blah" um...I SO had that idea first!  Ok...not first but seriously, before it was trendy.  I came upon the idea while trying on bridesmaid dresses for the 1000th wedding I was in...I actually had planned to have them wear navy w/ a green belt.  It was super cute when I tried it on.  I went with something different in the end but still navy.  I hope ya'll know I'm joking and I don't think all those witches stole my idea....gah, lighten up!

By the way, the is post is all over the's majorly ADHD today...kind of like me when I'm trying to do anything productive.

So, with every wedding comes a diet, right?  WRONG...I'm still fat, ya'll.  I mean, I have lost about 7-10 L.B.'s but seriously NOWHERE near where I would like to be.  I started this blog like 2 years ago as a healthy/diet has turned into be everything BUT that.  I am probably the worlds worst dieter.  I have 0 self discipline!!  ZERO!  I hate it. Yet I can't seem to overcome it.  Maybe one day.  As of now,  I've decided to do some arm workout I saw on Pinterest that guarantees rocking arms in 6 weeks...we shall see.  I start Monday.  I also did the Advocare Cleanse and I plan to do it again in a couple of weeks because, well, I never actually made it to the 10 days.  <---see what I mean? 

Have a great weekend, ya'll!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

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Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

i love love love navy! it was one of our wedding colors but we had the men in navy suits and the girls in a blush pink dress.
weddings are my favorite! i was obsessed with planning mine. now i want to plan everyones like its my job. lol.
& the dieting thing... im with you! i fail.
youll look beautiful!