Thursday, March 29, 2012

Un-Creative Eating

So, I thought I would do a post on what I eat.  I intended to do this post last week....oops!  I am quite un-creative when it comes to my meals, sadly.  I really want to like cooking but I just don't.  I don't hate's just that by the time I make my hour long commute home and working out (yeah, when that happens...), I just don't feel like being all creative in the kitchen.  I'm more of the sit on the couch, catch up on my shows and play on my computer or iPad kind of girl.  I've been known to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner several nights a week.  My poor Honey...this is our daily conversation regarding dinner

Honey: What are we doing for dinner tonight?
Me:  Uhmm....I forgot to lay anything out so I figured we'd just fend for ourselves...
Honey:  Oh, ok.  Do you want me to cook something?  I'll fry you some eggs and bacon...
Me:  Excuse me, I'm watching what I eat!  RUDE!  I'll just have a bowl of cereal, you go ahead and have that heart attack from a skillet!
Honey: know, if you just eat smaller portions and exercise you'll drop the weight.
Me:  YOU. HAVE. NO. IDEA. WHAT it's like to be a woman and try to lose weight!  You can drink one less Dr. Pepper (which I can't drink at. all.) a day and lose 5 lbs! I starve myself and exercise (sometimes) and I am lucky to lose 2 lbs in a week! I hate you!  Go away!
Honey: Uhm...Ok, I'm going to go make my bacon and eggs...are you sure you don't want any?
Me: <Glaring Silence>

So you see, I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to food.  In a perfect world we would eat out every night...but I am not so keen on being the size of a house one day so we don't....also, we're not rich!  I have my staples that I eat a lot...and here they are!  Maybe it's something different from your boring diet menu....or maybe you can give me some ideas!  I DO cook...just not all the time and when I do, I like easy, quick recipes because I'm usually about 5 seconds away from eating cardboard, I'm so hungry, when I get home!  What do you eat and do you have any quick, easy recipes you can share with me?

I love, love, love cereal!  My favorite is Honey Bunches of Oats.  My Honey finds this amusing since one of his pet names for me is "Honey Bunches of Oats!" ha!  I usually double up on the servings when I have this for dinner and with skim milk it's around 320 calories.  Not bad for dinner!
 I eat a lot of sandwiches for lunch.  Instead of chips I usually pack a baggy full of grape tomatoes....
 And baby carrots!  The carrots help replace that "crunch" craving we all have from years of eating chips with our sandwiches and the grape tomates...well, they're just yummy and filling!

I recently discovered these 100 calorie sandwich thins...I'm probably way late to the game....anyhow...I love to eat these with Oscar Meyer Cracked Black Pepper Turkey and Honey Ham.  They're also a great replacement as a hamburger bun w/ a Turkey Burger! 

For some reason at night after I've eaten dinner I get a craving for something sweet.  One of my favorite snacks is Cool Whip....

A 60 Calorie Jell-O pudding snack.  I mix it up in a bowl and it's SO FREAKING GOOD!

 I saved the best (in my opinion) for last.  Have you seen that they now make 100 Cal Milano Cookies?  I go through a box in less than a week!  I eat them as my in between breakfast and lunch snack!  They are quite filling for only 2 cookies! 

So...what do you like to eat and share some recipes!  Please!

Enjoy...the Curvy Life!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Skinny Bitch vs. Lazy Bitch + A Confession

First off, I have a confession to make....I'm a curser!  Like I love to curse!  I try really hard to refrain from using my all time FAV, the F word, among others, when writing my blog for many reasons...1) In my about me section it says "I'm a Southern Christian girl...." or something to that extent and I don't want people to be all like "oh she's a Christian but she's cursing...2) My mom reads this and possibly my grandmother, 3) there's not a three, I just felt like I needed three reasons....
With all that said, occasionally I'm going to curse in my posts.  I apologize now if that offends you.  For instance this post and the title...."bitch" which is technically a female dog is not being used properly...some might say it's a "bad" word.  Who decides that all these words are "bad" anyways?  Oh well....on to my post....

So, as I stated in my post from yesterday I hate working out.  I am pretty much the world's greatest excuse maker when it comes to working out.  I've tried everything from working out with a partner, working out alone, going on my lunch hour, etc.  I've tried. it. all.  Nothing makes going any easier.  I let my partner down usually and if I'm alone then I don't have anyone to let down so it's even easier to not go!  ugh!  So I saw a form of my newest trick on Pinterest and I changed it up a bit to match my personality.  I got two glass jars from Hobby Lobby, some scrap stickers that I already had and labeled one jar "Skinny Bitch" and one "Lazy Bitch".  I then got $30 in ones and gave them to my Honey.  On the days that I go to the gym like I'm supposed to I get $1 in my "Skinny Bitch" jar!  YAY!  VACAY MONEY!!  But's the kicker...on the days I don't go to the gym as scheduled he takes $1 out of the "Skinny Bitch" jar and it goes in the "Lazy Bitch" jar.  I never get that money back.  It goes toward something boring for the house like a fence or fertilizer, you know, something I could give two shits about!  (Actually, I'd like a fence b/c I'm lazy and I would love to just kick the dogs outside and go back to watching TV....but don't tell him that!)  So, as of right now my "Skinny Bitch" jar is looking pretty good (these aren't updated pics) and sadly, my "Lazy Bitch" jar has a few bucks too....

So...Do you think this would work for you?  If so...get your butt to Hobby Lobby and start making some jars!!  SKINNY BITCH will win, dammit!!!!

Enjoy....the Curvy Life!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yo-Yo'ing & The 30 Day Shred

Yeah, it's me...the long lost blogger, once again!  I seriously have issues...and they all stem from dieting and shame...oh and laziness!!  The last time I posted about dieting I was doing The Dukan Diet.  My body really liked the diet and I lost nearly 10 lbs (in 2 weeks!), however, about week 3 of the diet I came down with pneumonia.  At the beginning of my illness I was determined to stay on track with my diet.  I made salads, did my pure protein day, etc, etc...then day 3 of being sick as a dog hit and I was pissed.  I wasn't getting any better and I wanted carbs!  Real, honest to goodness name a few, bread, chocolate, pasta...more bread and chocolate!  I needed comfort food! I came to the conclusion, or possibly made it up, that my body wasn't getting better because I wasn't eating carbs.  So I had a bowl of cereal.  It was the best bowl of cereal I've ever had in. my. life.  It was over.  I couldn't turn back...let me re-phrase, I could have...I just didn't want to.  Guess what ya'll...I like carbs!  Like really, really like them!  Who doesn't? For one, I'm a huge sweets eater.  I secretly hate people who say they "aren't much of a sweet eater."  Yeah, well screw you and your dislike for're weird!  HA! Kidding...I love all my friends that don't care for sweets, I just do. not. get. it.  I friggin love sweets!  I could did eat pure melted chocolate, the kind you use for chocolate covered strawberries, by the spoon full this weekend.  Don't judge...or do, I don't care because I would do it all over again! 

I digress....

So yeah, I quit the Dukan Diet...which is where the "Yo-Yo'ing" in this blog title comes from!  I feel like I'm on a constant Yo-Yo of dieting, eating healthy, whatever you want to call it!  After I decided that Dukan wasn't for me I jumped right on the counting calories and exercising (sometimes) bus and was doing great!  I hit my 10 lb loss mark and was ecstatic!  It's been so long since I've lost 10 lbs, if EVER!  I said this in my last post though and I meant it...I really struggle with staying on a low calorie diet.  There's a lot of freedom, which, for me, turns into cheating.  Because, as I tell myself, "This one Reese's PB cup won't hurt..."  I also struggle with it because of my blatant disgust for exercising.  I hate, HATE, HATE to exercise.  And sadly, for me, dieting and exercising go hand in hand.  I wish with every being in me that I liked it.  I just don't.  I don't think I will ever be one of those weirdos people that is all "Ugh, I'm having a bad day, I'm going to go run!"  Pshh....I'm this girl..."I'm having a bad day, give me a beer and while you're at it, a shot!"  I don't want to be that girl...but it's me and I have to deal with it and more importantly push past it and NOT give in to that lush that lives inside me! 

Here's how I work to stay on track, and let me tell you it's WORK for me to stay on track every. single. day.  I use My Fitness Pal.  If you're a fan of counting calories, which to me, is by far the simplest way to be healthy and lose weight, you should totally go join My Fitness Pal If you have a smart phone they have an awesome app and you can also log from your desktop!  Be sure to "friend" me.  My username is HMW0250.  You can see what I eat, when I'm bad and don't track and when I exercise (this one's a work in progress)!  It's pretty much amazing and has totally been a motivator for me!  I follow all my friends and so when I see that they burned 600 calories and I know I'm going to be lazy and skip the gym...I feel like crap about myself and might muster up the motivation to go do some exercising.  I bet you're wondering "So, how are you doing weight loss wise since quiting Dukan and starting cal counting?"  Maybe you're not...either way, I'm going to tell you!  The first week I started cal counting I gained back a few lbs.  I had expected that and didn't get discouraged.  After my body adjusted I started losing and got to the 10 lb mark.  Yay!  I had lost 10 lbs, my clothes were fitting better, my double chin was a little less noticeable and I was feeling great!  Then the inevitable happened that always happens to me (and only I'm to blame)...I fell off that damn wagon!  I do it every. single. time. I lose any significant amount of weight, which 10 lbs is for me.  And let me tell you...that wagon is friggin hard to get back on!  I had a little 2 week break, while I stayed pretty good during the week I ate and drank like a fat king on the weekend!  It was nice.  I'm over it now...which is where the second part of my blog title comes in! (Took me a lot of words to get here, huh?) 

I follow a GREAT and super motivating blog called Mama Laughlin.  She has been on an amazing weight loss journey and her success is truly inspiring! (I wanna be like her when I grow skinny! haha!)  She did Julian Michael's 30 Day Shred awhile back and had mucho success!  I needed something to get me back in the swing of why not do one of the hardest workout videos on the market! Go big or go home, right?!?  Since I tend to jinx myself by posting about diets and exercise programs and then never completing them or being successful, I'm not going to say much more about my 30 Day Shred journey until I've completed at least 20 days!  I started a diary of sorts on my iPad to write in each day about how I felt during (usually there are tears) and after my workout.  The only word I'll say about it for 20 or more days is this...OUCH!

So I'm back on track and I plan to stay this way for a long time!  Will I stumble?  Yes.  But the most important part is to just "stumble" and not fall off that wagon all the way!   Does anyone else call it the "wagon"?  I picture an old timey wagon barreling down the prairie and my fat ass trying so hard to 1) stay on the wagon  or 2) get back on after falling off!  haha!  That should leave you with a funny visual for the day!  Don't forget to be my "PAL" on My Fitness Pal!  And help me stay motivated!!  Please! 

Enjoy....The Curvy Life!