Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall, My Favorite Time of the Year!

I'm not sure when it happened but at some point in my adult life I began to love decorating for Fall more than any other time of the year!!  Even more than Christmas.  Maybe it's because it's fun but not quite as much work as Christmas.  Anyhow...I've been meaning to post pictures of my Fall decor in my new house!!  I had so much fun decorating my new house this year!!


 I love the cream and sugar holders I got at Ross!

Dining Room

 I got the idea for the candy corn and candle on Pinterest!  Where else!?

Living Room

 I got this pitcher at Hobby Lobby, 1/2 off, of course! 
 And the flowers are from Dollar General!  It only took about 5 minutes to arrange!

Entry Way

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and HAPPY FALL, YA'LL!!!!!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life!

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1 comment:

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Such pretty fall displays!
I especially love the candy corn as filler in the hurricane idea.