Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Ramblings + A RECIPE!

Hi Ya'll!

I keep thinking that today is Tuesday!  Those holidays always throw me off...but in a good way!  It's already hump day!  

First up I'm going to share one of my all time favorite recipes.  It's seriously the easiest thing to throw in the crock-pot on mornings you know you'll be home late...or you just don't want to cook that night!

It has no name...not that I know of.

We'll call it Taco Rotel Chicken!  Nice.

Are you ready to hear this?  All three ingredients are in the title.  MIND BLOWN? is what you do

Throw in a few chicken breasts (you pick, depending on how many you're feeding)
1 -2 Cans of Rotel...or more cans if you're making A LOT.  Like if you have 1000 kids or something!
A packet of Taco Seasoning
A couple of cans of water.  I mainly add the water because I know that it will be sitting there ALL day without any love and I don't want it to burn!

Put your crock-pot on low and head to work or wherever the day leads you!

I made mine into Chicken Fajitas tonight.  It was so dang good!!  Below is a list of the cals for EVERYTHING on my plate above...if you just do the chicken it's only 130 cals!   On nights I work out though, I eat more because my body needs it!  FUEL, ya'll!

 Speaking of working out...I've had several people ask me what Couch to 5k app I use.  See above.  It's free and does the job.  I don't have any love story to write about it.  I usually hate it when I'm running...simply because I am running and my shins feel like they're about to fall to pieces.  Fun times!
This beauty is on sale at Ulta!  $19!  What the what? SIGN ME UP!  I don't know when the sale ends but hurry because the other eye shadow box they had on sale was already sold out! I may have cried into my keyboard a little when I found out.
If it's already sold out...please don't hunt me down.  Sorry to have led you one...
I'm a tease...

Last random of today...spell check tried to change crockpot to crack that's nice.

Enjoy...the Curvy Life!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What a Weekend!

Hi Ya'll!

My three day weekend has come to an end and for that I'm very, very sad!  The Fiance is just not quite convinced yet that I would make a great "Stay at home fiance".  *sigh* so back to work I go.

Here's my weekend wrap up....

Friday night we kept my cousin's 2 babies...their weeny babies.
We had 3 weenies and a lab and it was like a circus!
A fun, loving circus.
Just imagine 3 wieners are all trying to get in your face at once.  HA.
Bad joke.

 I got all of my Valentine's Day decor out.
My momma got me some cute stuff at Home Goods, too!
Love that store!
I did a super neat trick I learned awhile back from Pinterest on my burners.  
You can see my original post on it HERE.
I love having a gas stove but man, they get dirty and are impossible to get clean. 
But not with this trick!

 Daydreaming about this amazing bathtub turned into a lifesaver for my house.  
My cousin, Jeremy is a plumber and I was texting him Saturday night about how my bath water was turning brown.  Lucky for me, he came over that night and discovered that my hot water heater was about to bust.  Like, it was already leaking disgusting brown water.  He said we would have either woke up or come home to a flooded house on Sunday.  Fun.  NOT!  Thank GOD he came over that night and thank GOD I was dreaming about a new tub with out gross brown water
and thank GOD we have 2 hot water heaters and a shower that uses the other hot water heater!  If anyone would like to make donations to our new hot water heater, I'm all for it!

 Sunday I participated in "Funday Sunday".  I never go because I have to work on Monday's or I'm too hungover from Saturday or both.  (We always have one of these pics where he looks like he hates me! HA!)
 I don't give a crap about football, to be honest.  It was just a fun excuse to dress cute and have a few beers with the Fiance. 
Convo between me and Emily:
ME:  I think everyone in here is going for the red team.
Emily: Oh, ok.  Who are they?  
ME:  I don't know, Atlantaaaa
<We both look at each other so proud of knowing the team name by state!>
ME: YES. and up next is the Baaaaltimorrrrrre.....RAVENS?
<more proud looks>
I honestly have no idea who won that second game, therefore, I don't know who's in the Superbowl.
I do know this.  I will be watching the Superbowl but again, only as a reason to dress cute and have beers with the Fiance.

I sure do love this man!  
Even if it takes about 5 pictures to get him to act normal. 
(IE. Not licking me or acting super pissed off.)

Back to the gym and WAR on my Weight this week.  You will most definitely hear more griping from me this week!!  Follow me on My Fitness Pal!  User hmw0250,

Enjoy...The Curvy Life.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

EXCITING NEWS: Pretty Muddy!!

Hi Ya'll!

I have some exciting news to share with ya'll today!!

I have been asked to be an ambassador for the Pretty Muddy 5K on June 1 in Dallas and I could not be more excited!!!!  

What is the Pretty Muddy, you ask?  Here is a description taken straight from their website.

  • 5k Course (3.1 miles, run or walk)
  • Women Only (sorry, guys)
  • Mud (lots of it)
  • Architectural Obstacles (much better than shabby hay bales and shaky plywood)
  • Pretty Epic Finish Line Party (entertainment, music, drinks & celebration galore)

Is Pretty Muddy a timed event?

Nah. If you want to race the course, then we fully support that. You can take as much time out there as you like. If you love an obstacle and want to do it again – go for it!

What are the obstacles like?

The obstacles were built with “fun” being our number one objective. Some will challenge you a little, some might challenge you a lot – but we’ll be there every step of the way to help you through it.

Do I have to do every obstacle?

Of course not.  Every obstacle will have a sign showing you around it. Only do the ones you feel comfortable doing and don’t feel bad going around a few – this is your day, do what you want to do.

Is the whole course muddy?

No… unless of course it’s raining and then… who knows (but probably not)

Do I have to crawl through mud?

No, but then how will you be Pretty Muddy?

Sounds pretty fun, no?  You don't have to be super in shape or able to run, at all.  It's just a fun day to get together with your girlfriends and get muddy and maybe a little tipsy!  :) 
But WAIT...You haven't heard our team name yet (courtesy of my friend Emily)....You ready?
MUDterial Girls!!!
I just love the name.  And of course, we have to dress up and we have to dress up like Madonna, obv!

SO...who is with me?  You know you want to!  
Even if you don't want to be a MUDterial Girl, form your own awesome team and we'll hang out after!!  
Check out the website HERE!!  Use code GIRLTIME to get $20 off registration through January 31!!  Make sure you put MUDterial Girls as your team name if you want to be on my team.  We will be in the 11:45 heat.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Thoughts + WAR: Day 3

Hi Ya'll!

Let's start with my random thoughts for the week.
I got a "journal" to keep with me so that I can try and capture these genius crazy thoughts throughout the week.  We'll see how it goes.

1) Why does Arnold Schwarzenegger still have such a thick accent?  He's been in America since before I was born, I think.

2) How does Pinterest make money?  Don't get me wrong, I love that you're not inundated with ad pop ups...but how?

3) Flo from progressive is totally type-cast.  I hope she has a good, good contract.

4) Why, why, why were there cookies in the break room today?  There is NEVER food in there when I can eat it!!!

Told you, random.

On to Day 3 of the War that I've declared on my fat!  

I made it through my second work-out.  
I almost puked. 
I get the worst shin splints and I'm a huge baby the pain is awful!
I really don't know why I get them.  I would say it's because my poor little legs can't handle  the weight...but I've gotten them sine I was a 95 pound cheerleader.  
Anyone an expert on shin splints?  
I have googled the shit out of them and nothing I try helps.  
I have bought new shoes, I do stretches, I ice, I heat, I cry....
I even wear these lovely compression sleeves...which I haven't decided if they help or hinder...

SO, once again, was hard as f&ck at the gym.  
I'm pretty sure that you're going to hear me bitching for the next few weeks.  
You can take it one way or another...either take it as "thank God, she is struggling too" or "I wish this bitch would hurry up and get in shape so I don't have to hear about how much the gym sucks."  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WAR: Day 2

Hi Ya'll!

Is this week dragging on like a bad episode of Doomsday Preppers or is it just me?  Friday, get over here, already!

Today is my second official day of WAR on my I don't really have too many complaints. 
I'm still in the "I can totally do this phase"
I'm not really tired of any foods yet and I'm not too starving. 
Something that I learned from one of the 100 "Fad" diets I have tried is that snacks in between meals are KEY to my success. They help me not eat my desk or hand or dog...
If you aren't eating 6 smaller meals a day, you're only  hurting yourself.  I'm no expert here.  I'm just a fat girl who really likes to trust me, snacks will rock your socks!
If I get really hungry, watch out.  I turn into an evil, evil person that no one likes.  It's bad. 
So, on the food front, I am good.

However, on the workout/gym front...I still loathe it with every ounce of fat in my body!
I went yesterday. 
It sucked.
It was hands down probably the hardest workout I've had since either:
 1) I did insanity for a few weeks.
 2) The first time I decided I was going to be a "runner" about 4 years ago.
I can't really explain why it was so damn hard (twss) but it was. 
Maybe it was because it was 32 degrees in Texas and had snowed that morning.
Maybe it was because I am literally  heavier than I have EVER been in. my. life.
Who knows.
I don't. 
I know that is was hard as f*ck but I pulled motivation from somewhere and finished. 
I am pretty sure visions of my wedding dress popped into my head about a bazillion times. 
I may have whimpered,
I may have scared the guy next to me off w/ my HEAVY breathing.  (Note to self: chew gum or a mint today!)

I have no pictures today which makes this post a lot less fun...but Blogger sucks and I can't upload pictures on this here computer I'm using.  I will have to start doing my posts from my laptop.  At home.

I'll be headed to the gym in about an hour...for Day 2 of Couch to 5K! 

It's WAR, fat...and you're gonna lose!!!

Check back tomorrow about some fun 5K's I'm considering this year!

Enjoy...The Curvy Life.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Waging War on My Weight

Hi Ya'll.
You know what yesterday was?  It was the date that marks exactly NINE months until I say "I Do!"  Holy shit.  That seems like awhile, right?  No.  Have you ever known someone to have a baby.  Do you realize how fast that goes by?  My wedding is a baby away!  You are probably wondering why I am not super duper excited.

You see.  I'm fat.  Like really, really fat.  (hence my blog title that I started a year ago!).  I have dieted and lost and gained over the past year that I've had this blog and ya'll, I suck at dieting.  But here's the deal.  I have quit one to many times.  I have made one to many excuses.  No one, especially my fiance, takes me seriously when I say "I'm going to start dieting and exercising...!"  And sadly, they have every right to feel that way. 


Here are a few reasons why today is the first day of the rest of my life:

I am sore from cleaning yesterday.  Not OK.

I get out of breath at the lest bit of activity or excitement.  Even eating.

My "fat" pants...they're getting tight.

I have high cholesterol.  I'm only 30.

My chin and neck are getting awfully close to being conjoined twins. (Think, Mama June)

My 30 week prego bff tells me things she has problems doing and I say "me too".

I have no desire to do anything.  If I can't wear sweats, count me out.

I "let things go" like the laundry, the dog hair on the floor, pretty  much anything that would entail me getting off the couch.

I am just now starting a diet because I was too lazy the last 2 weekends to buy groceries.

OH and I'm getting married in exactly 9 months from today.  I do not want to look back and regret that I failed myself.

I am pretty sure I have written a few posts just like this in the past.  And that's just embarrassing   Who wants to read a blog about a fat girl who says she's going to better herself but never does?  Ugh, not me.  I read so many blogs that are inspiring.  I'll list a few of my favs at the end!  These awesome ladies struggle and fall and get back up, wipe away the tears, excuses, injuries and KEEP. ON. GOING.  They're truly inspiring and they will motivate the hell out of you!

So Monday, I dusted off the "My Fitness Pal" app and I'm officially counting calories and starting today I will hit the gym!  I will start (for the 50th time) Couch to 5K and weights.
Will it be easy?  Hell no!
Will I want to make every excuse in the book to NOT go, hell yes!
Will I look at a picture of my wedding dress every time I come up with one of my amazing excuses?
Who is with me?  Who is ready to FEEL BETTER?

I have promised my self that once I lose that first 10 lbs I am buying myself a workout top from Ruffles With Love.  Either this or maybe this. Go Check out her Etsy store (click on store name)...she makes some seriously cute stuff!

Here are two of my favorite inspirational blogs:

Mama Laughlin - Mama has lost an insane amount of weight - all the healthy way!  Just by eating right and exercising!  Go check out her will be inspired!

Miss Madisons Charmed Life - Megan has also lost weight the "right" way.  I found her through Instagram and holy cow, she's a gym rat...the good kind!  She makes  you want to take your hand out of that potato chip bag and get your ass to the gym NOW! 

I want to confess: I was supposed to go to the gym Monday night and due to a back problem my fiance told me I shouldn't go.  I didn't.  I came home and read about back problems and working out.  Everything I read said "walk, get some kind of activity!"  So I vow today, never to use my back as an excuse again.  No matter how bad it hurts!

Linking up with Helene In Between for Tell Me About it Tuesday!  Go check it out!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bridezilla? ME?

Hi Ya'll!

I'm been MIA for a few weeks.  I just..."lost that loving feeling" with blogging.  Also, I didn't have shit to talk about...

As you may or may not know...I am getting married on September 14! 
I'm so excited to have a day all about me marry the love of my life! 
Planning a wedding is seriously stressful.  I'm surprised that brides have any friends or family that still talk to them after the wedding is over.  I'm not going to lie, the sentence "this is MY wedding and this is how I want it" may have spit out of my mouth a few times.  My mom has only called me a bridezilla 1000 times a few times.

Something you may or may not know about me. 
I'm a control freak. 
I pretty much annoy everyone around me when it comes to planning something. 
Listen, you don't get the nickname "Shower Nazi" for nothing, people!

What makes a Control Freak Bridezilla?

Here's what, in my honest, controlling, crazy, bridezillay opinion:

1.      Emailing your bridesmaids 100 times with different dress ideas AFTER they've already tried on and picked out their a year before the wedding.
2.      Yelling to your SIL in the church where you're getting married "I don't care, this ISN'T YOUR WEDDING!" (Yes, this happened.  Sorry, Les.)
3.      Calling your mom 20 times a day with new and different ideas, driving her to take more Xanax
4.      Making 50 different spreadsheets and then not remembering what they're really for (I have like 5 different invite lists)
5.      Making a list for the wedding planner of what they're responsible for (really?  She does this for a living, surely she knows!)
6.      Making a list for yourself and your mom on "what needs to still be done" and "what we need to make"
7.      Planning your "pinterest wedding" well before you're engaged.  Like, after your second date.
8.      On list to florist about flowers, having a "FLOWERS I HATE" List.

Now, in  my defense, I'm also pretty laid back about some things.
I don't care how the girls wear their hair
Yeah...pretty much that's all.

Tell me.  Were you a controlling bridezilla?  Will my friends still love me when this is over?
I think some of them have already blocked me from their emails.